Master's of Family Therapy

Master's of Family Therapy

You will find the purpose of the Master of Family Therapy Program is to prepare well-trained, culturally competent clinicians.

The program emphasizes the interdependence of individual experience and the relational context, extending from family of origin (including traditional and nontraditional families) to the global community.

Family therapy: from family of origin to the global community.


Awareness to cultural diversity is key.

The program is committed to training therapists to be aware of and sensitive to cultural diversity, including the student's own culture.

The program exposes students to an array of classical, postmodern, and evidence-based practical models in family therapy.


You'll expand your knowledge through a unique lens.

View the family therapy field through a philosophical lens for education, supervision, and training using:

  • integration of the "person of the therapist" approach,
  • diversity, and
  • social justice. 

Drexel's Master of Family Therapy Program is accredited by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy's Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Therapy Education.

Student Achievement Criteria Data Disclosure: Graduation rates, national exam pass rate, and licensure rate can be found here.