Couple & Family Therapy Ph.D.

PhD in Couple and Family Therapy

The education and training experience emphasizes social justice and comprises theory, research, policy, clinical and supervisory skills, self of the therapist/professional development, and cultural awareness and sensitivity.

The program is committed to training culturally competent, self-aware couple and family therapy educators, researchers, and practitioners from a systems/relational paradigm. In addition, the program is committed to increasing the number of minority educators, researchers, and practitioners in the field of couple and family therapy. Furthermore, the program is committed to social justice and to working with underserved populations.

The Ph.D. Program in Couple and Family Therapy will prepare you for a career in academia, research, and behavioral healthcare.

The Doctoral Program in Couple and Family Therapy is a scholar/practitioner research program that prepares students for careers in couple and family therapy at an advanced level.


The program emphasizes critical thinking and mastery in:  

  • Theory construction and deconstruction,
  • Writing and research,
  • Clinical and supervisory skill development,
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity,
  • Self of the therapist/researcher, and
  • Policy.