English Senior Project Presentations

June 9, 2009 — The Department of English and Philosophy had their English Senior Project Presentations and Year-End party on Tuesday, June 9, 2009. These pictures were taken by Nicole Kline.

Photos from the Event

Rachana Koya presenting Shelby Reiches presenting Sarah Bex gives an overview of her project, entitled Gender and Mental Illness The first set of presenters with their advisors - Allison Cahill, Kathy Volk Miller, Scott Stein, Kelly Conaboy, Sarah Bex, Shelby Reiches, Dr. Gabriella Ibieta, Rachana Koya, Daniel Driscoll, and Brett Haymaker Sarah Bex with Dr. Diane Downs Dr. Elaine DeLancey with Brett Haymaker Dan Driscoll with Rachana Koya Dr. Don Riggs and Ken Bingham share a few laughs Drew Senko presents on Odd Uniqueness in John Updike Lea Burns presents on The Pedagogy of Research Jennifer Fromal presents The Benefits of Study Abroad Mike Benesch on Outlander - A Novel Meadow Green, Ay Me and the Language of Emotion Mike Patkus, Sequential Aesthetics The second set of seniors with their advisors - Dr. Scott Warnock, Dr. Christopher Nielson, Dr. Don Riggs, Mike Patkus, Mike Benesch, Dan Driscoll, Lea Burns, and Dr. Doreen Saar Dr. Chris Nielson, Shelby Reiches, and Dr. Abioseh Porter Leah Shader, Exploration and Research in Teaching Hawthorne Christine Zacchei, Henry Miller Amanda McArthur, Reading Communist Oppression Jack Clarke, Blake and Religion Brian Crescenti presenting Mia Di Pasquale, The Chapbook of San Francisco Values Gwenna Johnson, Flash Fiction Amanda McArthur, Kathleen McNamee, Brian Crescenti, Gwenna Johnson, Jack Clarke, Christine Zacchei, Dr. Doreen Saar, Leah Shader 2009 Graduating English Class with Advisors Dr. David Jones, Dean of the Pennoni Honors College, speaks to the crowd Dr. David Jones Provost Mark Greenberg with Dr. Ingrid Daemmrich Scott Stein, Shannon Gary, Harriet Millan, & Brett Haymaker The crowd listens as Provost Mark Greenberg speaks Provost Mark Greenberg Leah Shader, Bryan Kantorek, and Jordan Schilling Rachel Semigran, Robert Watts, Kathy Volk Miller, and Dr. Valarie Arms Katie Nolan and Daniella Ascarelli Scott Stein with Kelly Conaboy Dr. Diane Downs with Drew Senko Amanda, Nicole, Rachana, & Katie Dr. Valarie Arms, Dr. Abioseh Porter, and Sharon Brubaker Leah Shader, Christine Zacchei, and Dr. Doreen Saar Mia Di Pasquale, Gwenna Johnson, Brett Haymaker, & Brian Crescenti Drs. Abioseh Porter & Gabriella Ibieta with students Eileen Brennen with Dr. Abioseh Porter Harriet Millan & Sheila Watts Dan Driscoll, Harriet Millan, Abioseh Porter, & Sheila Watts Rebecca Ingalls and her precious baby, Imogen Dr. Don Riggs and Mike Patkus, clearly up to no good Drew Senko and Mike Benesch Ali Cahill, Jordan Schilling, Abioseh Porter, & Jack Clark Chris McSween, Dr. Elaine DeLancey, & Eileen Brennen Where was Donna Rondolone??? Bernard