ASK Launch Party

May 18, 2005 —  ASK, the journal of the College of Arts and Sciences, had their official launch party on Wednesday, May 18th, 2005.

Photos from the Event

Albert DiBartolomeo, editor of ASK Dr. Stacey Ake with student Who let THOSE girls in??? Some English and Philosophy professors chatting Drs. Raymond Brebach, Miriam Kotzin, Fred Siegel, and Scott Stein Drs. Raymond Brebach and Diane Downs Dr. Miriam Kotzin with Caroline Chemelewski Mildred Orenstein and Kathleen McNamee Drs. Leonard Finegold and Emilie Passow Professors in attendance Albert DiBartolomeo makes some opening remarks Dean Murasko makes some comments Dr. Fred Siegel performs his magic Dr. Donald Riggs does a reading Rob Thomas plays some music Dr. Scott Stein does a reading Gail Rosen performs with Albert DiBartolomeo participating Gail Rosen performs with Stacey Ake participating