Marshall Warfield

Assistant Teaching Professor

Marshall Warfield

Office: 5062 MacAlister Hall
Phone: 215.895.6833


  • BA, Creative Writing, Carnegie Mellon University, 1999
  • MFA, English, University of Pittsburgh, 2005


I joined Drexel's faculty in 2009, and since then I have taught classes on the craft of composition and the craft of poetry. I serve on the editorial board of the wonderful literary magazine, Painted Bride Quarterly; I am faculty reader and workshop facilitator for the Drexel Writing Center; I also assist with pedagogy and faculty development through leading a teaching circle and serving on the Writing Assessment Advisory Committee. Intellectually, I find myself interested in how people imagine the act of writing and the concept of privacy.

Favorite Authors and/or Books: What can I say? I adore Jon Ronson's work.

Favorite Musical Artists: While there are too many to list, I am a devoted listener to several channels on the San Franscisco-based

Personal Interests and Hobbies: I'm kind of a public television/public radio fanatic. I think Frontline and PBS Newshour programs can be fascinating, and I don't let more than two or three weeks go by without tuning into "On the Media," "Wiretap," or "Sound Opinion."

A Favorite Quote:The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. — Mark Twain, Letter to George Bainton, 10/15/1888

Favorite TV Show: I've been watching Saturday Night Live since I was a kid. Do I love other shows? Sure, but SNL and I have a history.

One thing that makes me smile is: when my brain is flooded with dopamine.

One hidden talent is: my ability to let as few people as possible know that I can do some very basic juggling.

One reason I like my job is: really two things: the creativity and generosity of the faculty, staff, and students here at Drexel (you know who you are).


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  • Resonance: Speaking for the Arts. Studio B Gallery, August 26-September 11, 2011
  • “Dead Again.” Pittsburgh City Paper. November 10, 2005.
  • “Where Listening Takes Us: A Conversation with Tracy K. Smith.” Nidus # 7, fall 2004