Karen Nulton, PhD

Director, Writing Assessment; Associate Teaching Professor of English

Karen Nulton

Office: 5042 MacAlister Hall
Phone: 215.895.2440


  • PhD, American Literature, Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick


Once upon a time I specialized in American Literature, but the last few decades have seen me focusing on Writing Assessment, Writing Pedagogy, and Writing Across the Curriculum. I view writing as a tool to help students and faculty alike to explore, link, and share ideas, and want to help Drexel to harness this tool in lots of fundamental ways. I value collaboration, and strive to bring this philosophy to my work in the Writing Center.

Favorite Authors and/or Books: Shoot—do you really expect an English professor to choose favorites? Anything well-written can appeal to me (and even some books that are poorly-written but interesting on some level).

Personal Interests and Hobbies: I ballroom dance at least once a week, and enjoy whirling around the floor. I also like hiking and walking my dog in the woods and experimenting with cooking/baking using gluten-free flours.

A Favorite Quote: "See it to be a lie and you have dealt it a mortal blow." Emerson, from "The American Scholar."

One thing that makes me smile is: seeing someone else smile. So smile!

A Pet Peeve: When I make lunch plans with someone and he/she cancels once I'm at work and it's too late to pack a lunch!

One hidden talent is: Tackling—I was the captain of a women's rugby team longer ago than I care to admit.

One reason I like my job is: that it is so much fun to be present when someone gets excited by learning, or an idea. That moment rocks.