Writing Minor

The minor in writing invites students from all disciplines to develop their writing skills and further their abilities to think critically and creatively by encouraging them to make connections beyond the scope of their discipline.

Students who complete the writing minor will:

  • obtain a strong background in theoretical perspectives and practices of writing and rhetoric, as well as reading;
  • be able to select additional writing courses in a variety of areas of interest;
  • achieve a better understanding of writing within their major fields of study;
  • gain significant practice and experience in writing in many genres and rhetorical modes;
  • be better positioned to succeed as writers in their future professional and private endeavors.

Minor Requirements

Minor in Writing
NOTE: additional courses may be considered upon approval of the program directors.

For more information about the Minor in Writing, or about choosing a plan of study within the minor, contact the program co-directors:

Dan Driscoll

Rachel Wenrick