Independent Study


If students have research interests or course requirements in philosophy that are not available through scheduled course offerings, they can arrange an Independent Study with a philosophy faculty member and receive course credit.

Receiving Course Credit

The Independent Study course (PHIL 399) is worth 3 credits and requires 9 hours of research per week for the term enrolled, under the supervision of a research mentor. Students may also take an Independent Study course for variable credit, e.g., 1 credit hour = 3 hours of work per week, up to a maximum of 4 credits per Independent Study.

To Enroll in an Independent Study

Students must identify a faculty mentor in the department and work with him or her to carefully develop a directed plan of study for the term. Once the faculty mentor and student have established a plan of study, the student should complete an Independent Study form (PDF) and obtain all relevant signatures of approval. Once completed, the form should be submitted to the English and Philosophy Department Administrator who will then register the student for the course. The Department Administrator, Mary Beth Beyer, is located in 5045 MacAlister Hall.