First-Year Writing Program

The mission of First-Year Writing Program (FWP) is to teach students to think rhetorically and compose effectively. A strong foundation in rhetoric and composition will support students’ growth as they continue to develop their composition and research skills in subsequent courses. It will also prepare them for the composition and communication skills required in their pre-professional work and in their careers after graduation, allowing them to thrive as academics and professionals, and as thoughtful, active citizens.

Achieving Goals

To achieve these important goals, we teach students how to:

  • Use writing and reading as tools of inquiry in the cultivation of new ideas
  • Plan and structure expository, exploratory, persuasive and analytical compositions
  • Think rhetorically about a topic, specifically how to assess audience and establish purpose, and how to use a variety of invention strategies and genres productively
  • Research a topic, specifically how to access, evaluate, summarize, paraphrase, document and effectively integrate information from a variety of sources
  • Revise their compositions holistically to improve content, structure, style, cohesion and design
  • Thoughtfully analyze their own writing, communication processes and practices, as well as those of others, through peer review and reflective analysis
  • Develop their critical thinking skills and their ability to engage open-ended, complex problems
  • Edit to ensure correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, diction, punctuation, mechanics and citation
  • Understand and utilize visual rhetoric and document design
  • Utilize writing technologies, including digital writing and communications tools, for a variety of writing purposes and to address a range of audiences
  • Read actively and understand the critical connections between reading and writing

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