First-Year Writing Program

We focus on two of the Drexel Student Learning Priorities: Communication and Self-Directed Learning. We encourage students to write clearly with a firm sense of their readers—the people with whom they are communicating. We believe that when writers connect with their readers about subjects of real concern to the writers, they will more readily continue to learn and practice writing on their own, an attitude we believe is fundamental to improving one’s writing. As a result, our students will use writing effectively in their personal, academic, and professional lives.


As a consequence of their classes in the First-Year Writing Program, we want students to:

  • Develop a positive attitude toward writing and themselves as writers
  • Write clearly and fluently, overcoming procrastinating habits of writing
  • Improve their style, grammar, and punctuation
  • Engage in research and integrate information from sources into their own writing
  • Understand how writing is influenced by differences in purpose, readers, and conventions
  • Write on their own to create, to learn, to express themselves, and to communicate with others

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