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Drexel Engineering to Host Summer Programs

July 24, 2013

Drexel Engineering will host several summer programs for students of multiple ages who would like a hands-on experience in disciplines of engineering. These programs, run by Drexel students and faculty, focus on engineering-related activities, presentations and demonstrations that highlight how engineering impacts global technology. Below is a schedule of all Drexel Engineering summer programs:

Drexel University Computing Academy (DUCA): June 23-July 27, 2013
Open to current high school sophomores and juniors, DUCA is a five-week, residential, summer computing program that promotes interest in information technology, computer science, business and digital arts and media. Students do not focus on one specific area of computing, but rather the program offers a more holistic approach to education, exposing students to a variety of fields in computing through interactive group projects. Students explore game design and game development, robotics, computer networking and security, social media and web development, and information technology. Students who successfully complete DUCA and subsequently enroll at Drexel University will receive a $3,000 renewable scholarship. For more information, please click here.

ASM International Materials Camp: June 24-28, 2013
Run almost entirely by graduate students from the Materials Science and Engineering department, Materials Campâ„  is comprised of a series of short lectures together with hands-on, interactive laboratory sessions, an industry visit and a small "project activity" that runs throughout the week. In the laboratory sessions, camp participants, including high school juniors and seniors from across the Delaware Valley, Delaware, and South Jersey, learn about metals, polymers, ceramics, composites and nanomaterials, how these materials are processed, how their structure determines their properties, and how and where they are used. For more information, please click here.

iSTAR: June 24, 2013 - September 3, 2013
Modeled after the STAR program, International STAR has the same intent and time frame, taking place during 10 weeks over the summer.  Students will live on campus and participate in supplemental language training (if applicable) and cultural enrichment programs as well. In addition, International STAR students will also write a report of the work they performed during the program and will be required to participate in a poster presentation for STAR students at the end of the summer. To read the official iSTAR blog, please click here.

STAR Scholars: June 24, 2013 - September 3, 2013
Drexel University’s STAR (Students Tackling Advanced Research) Scholars Program provides a means for students to get to know faculty, explore a major course of study, and gain practical skills and valuable research experience for their future career or course of graduate study. The STAR Program allows first-year students to work closely with a faculty mentor on a research, scholarly, or creative project. STAR Scholars participate in a number of events and meetings designed to orient them to the program and to research. STARs are also invited to take courses for credit on research and research methodology during their freshman year. STAR Scholars work for 10 weeks during the summer term while living on campus, are compensated for their time and are given university housing. STARs are also given the opportunity to create and present professional research posters at the STAR Scholars Summer Showcase at the end of the summer term and potentially at other regional and national conferences. For more information, please click here.

Dragon Summer: July 7, 2013 – August 2, 2013
Drexel AMP partnered with the Drexel Learning Center will integrate incoming Drexel-AMP students through Dragon Summer, a four-week academic boot camp for incoming freshmen. Throughout the program, Drexel will host special sessions with the incoming students and current Drexel AMP students to help build up the Drexel-AMP student community. Course materials will include College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Introduction to College Writing and Reading, Professional Development and Critical Thinking, and Strategies for Academic Success. For more information, please click here.

Summer Music Technology: July 8-12, 2013
During this innovative, one-week learning experience, twenty high school sophomores and juniors will get a unique opportunity to learn about music production technology and digital audio from Drexel faculty and students. This program approaches music and audio technology from the perspective of engineering, mathematics and science. For more information, please click here.

REThink Computer Science @ Drexel: July 8, 2013 - August 23, 2013
REThink is a summer program in Computer Science (CS) for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) high school teachers and two-year college faculty in Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. The REThink project builds partnerships with high schools, community colleges and the University and introduces teachers to cutting-edge research in the CS community. The program will also help educators produce learning materials for high school and community college STEM curricula in an effort to encourage students to study STEM and computing curricula in college. For more information, please click here.

Materials Science and Engineering Institute: July 15-19, 2013 or July 22-26, 2013

The Materials Science and Engineering Summer Institute gives aspiring scientists and engineers the chance to learn about how atomic elements arrange themselves to form the materials that are all around us. The Summer Institute emphasizes how variables in processing of materials determine physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Through hands-on activities, high school students entering their junior or senior year and recent high school graduates can gain an understanding of how materials impact the fields of energy, biotechnology and electronics. Sustainability and nanotechnology is a theme woven through all of the modules. The learning environment includes work in a computer classroom, materials science laboratory and the Centralized Research Facility which includes advanced microscopy equipment. The week will culminate with presentations in which students will discuss their results from group projects. For more information, please click here.

Summer Diversity: August 4-17, 2013
During this two-week intensive program, approximately 25 women and minority incoming freshmen in the engineering departments will learn how math, chemistry and physics are integral parts of engineering. Students will review key concepts in math, chemistry and physics with the professors who teach the freshman year courses. Students will also apply these concepts in hands-on or computational engineering laboratories led by faculty and fellows involved in the freshman design curriculum. Participants will meet professors, department heads, student organization leaders and learn about the varied engineering opportunities at Drexel. Students will also enjoy social activities so that participants can form lasting friendships while experiencing the culture of the great city of Philadelphia. The Summer Diversity Program is sponsored by Air Products, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. For more information, please, email Alistar Erickson-Ludwig.

Robot Springboard @ Drexel University: August 5-9, 2013
Throughout this weeklong technology camp, middle school girls from West Philadelphia area schools will attend a daily lunchtime symposium where presentations will be given by women in the Philadelphia area who are working in tech fields, as well as college students who are studying computer science. During the sessions, students will learn computer programming techniques and the basics of robotics. In addition to this work, students will brainstorm to develop an idea for a technology solution solving a social need or concern in the community. The Robot Springboard camp is designed to get middle school girls excited about exploring a career in technology and computer science. The goal of the camp is to empower the girls attending and help them realize they can be successful in technology. The camp will culminate with a technology showcase in which the girls will demonstrate to friends and family their newly acquired computer skills and present the concept of their technology solution. For more information, please click here.

IBP Pathways to Science: Varies Program Pending
In an effort with the National Science Foundation and NASA working to promote resources for students in STEM, the Institute for Broadening Participation provides current information on funding opportunities for students looking for summer research. There are several education and career training opportunities in STEM including 650+ paid summer research experiences for undergraduates, 300+ graduate fellowships, mentoring and professional development opportunities, and 250+ post-doctoral opportunities. For more information and to search for available programs, please click here.