EGMT 688: Systems Engineering Analysis

Professor Walter Sobkiw Instructor: Walter Sobkiw

Description: Description: Introduces multiple System Engineering Analysis practices used to execute systems engineering processes. Provides foundation to execute, monitor, and manage the traditional practices and also develops ability to modify and establish new practices based on this massive foundation. Instills confidence so student can contribute, lead, monitor, or manage any systems effort. It is this exposure to the breadth and depth of what is available that will make the student a true leader in the field. There is an emphasis on Sustainability in the course and the topics are:

  • Stakeholders, functions, performance, operations, threads, formal practices, state machines, interfaces, human factors, reliability, maintainability, availability, safety, fault tolerance, security, modeling, simulation, prototypes
  • Technology assessment, analysis and specifications, traceability, architectures, tradeoffs, decision making, system requirement databases
  • Maintenance, training, integrated logistics support, quality, configuration management, integration test verification validation
  • Reviews and audits, planning and tracking progress, earned value management
  • Requests for proposals, procuring, statements of work, proposals, business plans
  • Systems practices for sustainability

This course is for new systems engineering managers, new technical directors, current systems engineers, engineers with expanding roles outside their engineering specialty, engineers wanting to enter systems engineering, engineers wanting to enter systems engineering management. The industries include healthcare, communications, aerospace, defense, government, automobile, transportation (air traffic control and rail), financial, energy, alternative transportation, alternative energy, etc.

Prerequisites: "C" or better in EGMT 685

Required Text:

  • Systems Practices as Common Sense by Walter Sobkiw.  CassBeth, 2011.  ISBN: 978-0-9832530-8-2

Recommended Text:

  • Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering by Walter Sobkiw, 2008, 978-0615216300

Scheduled: Fall and Spring


Video Introduction - "The Impact of a Systems Education"