EGMT 685: Systems Engineering Management

Professor Richard Grandrino Instructor: Richard Grandrino

Description: Systems engineering (SE) is the key to achieving reliable, efficient, cost effective products and services in diverse fields such as communications, network systems, software engineering, information systems, manufacturing, command and control, R&D projects, etc. This course teaches students the art of systems engineering.
Students will learn SE processes and skills to integrate user needs, manage requirements, conduct technological evaluation and build elaborate system architectures. Students will also learn to assess risk and establish financial and schedule constraints. The course devotes particular attention to knowledge, skills, mind-set and leadership qualities needed to be a successful systems engineering leader in the field.
In summary, this course:
* Provides an excellent, pedagogically sound approach to the subject
* Defines the breadth and depth of knowledge required by systems engineers
* Teaches application of tools and techniques essential for development of complex systems
* Provides a "hands-on" applied approach to SE
Any graduate students that are involved with new product development, technology development and or integration will find this course useful.

Prerequisites: NONE

Required Text:

  • Systems Engineering Principles and Practices, 2nd ed. by Alexander Kossiakoff, William N. Sweet, Sam Seymour, and Steven M. Biemer . ISBN 978-0-470-40548-2

Scheduled: Winter and Summer