EGMT 605: R&D Management I

Tom EdwardsInstructor: Thomas Edwards

Description: Analyzes the issues and concepts involved in strategic and corporate development planning in the modern technologically oriented company. Pays particular attention to the fundamentals for corporate planning as they relate to the research and development product planning of the corporation. Includes some case studies.

Prerequisites: NONE

Required Text:

  • "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" by Peter Drucker.  HarperBusiness, ISBN 978-0060851132.
  • "Product Design and Development" 5/e by Karl Ulrich and Steven Eppinger.  McGraw-Hill Irwin, ISBN 978-0073404776

Scheduled: Winter

Student Feedback

Last week I was awarded and kicked off a new Internal Research and Development project in analytics that involved multiple lines of business, and I  used techniques from the course when proposing/brainstorming the reasoning.  -Renee Borrero, MS Engineering Management Candidate