EGMT 574: Operations Research II

Professor Richard Grandrino Instructor: Richard Grandrino

Description: This course is a continuation of Operations Research I and will focus on combination of deterministic and stochastic quantitative techniques. Associated topics will be Probability Theory to support Decision Analysis, Pareto Trade Off Models, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Inventory Management & Control Operations, Waiting Line Models and Simulation & Modeling techniques. Emphasis will be placed on spreadsheet modeling and mote carlo simulation. The primary focus will be on utilizing excel based models and tools (software associated with the text) to support quantitative analysis.

Pre-Requisite Requirements: Students must have an understanding of optimization models such as linear programming simplex algorithm, transportation/assignment models and nonlinear programming algorithms. Students need to have experience with LINDO, LINGO, and Excel Solver software applications for solving linear and non linear problems. Students also must have a bastic understanding of normal distribution theory, sampling estimation and data analysis and linear/multiple regression analysis. Lack of understanding or knowledge of these subject areas may severely impact students ability to achieve satisfactory grades in Operations Research II.

Prerequisites: "C" or better in EGMT 572EGMT 573.

Required Text:

  • Office 2010 users: Practical Management Science 4th ed. by Wayne L. Winston & S. Christian Albright. Southwestern College Pub 2011.  ISBN 978-1111531317.
  • Office 2007 users: Practical Management Science 3rd ed. by Wayne L. Winston & S. Christian Albright. Thompson Learning/ Duxbury Press 2007

Scheduled: Fall and Spring