How to Register for Classes

The Engineering Management Program runs on a quarter-based system with 10 week terms.  The coursework begins immediately in Week 1 and progresses at an accelerated pace, and so we require all of our students to be registered before the start of term.

Registration usually begins six weeks before the start of the term. You can find the specific registration times for each term at the Student Resource Center's website

To view listed courses which are open for enrollment, please follow these instructions each term:

1. Log into DrexelOne ( with your Username and Password
2. Click on the "Students" tab
3. Click "Look up classes to Add"
4. Select the appropriate term
5. Select Subject: "Engineering Management"
6. Each course offered by our major is listed here. Please note the CRN (Course registration number).

To register for your preferred course, please follow these instructions:

1. Log into DrexelOne ( with your Username and Password
2. Click on the "Students" tab
3. Click "Add/Drop Classes"
4. This is where you will be able to enter your preferred course CRN.

If you have any difficulties registering, you may complete an add form and submit it to Chris Morse at or 215.895.5811 (fax).

Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

Students are permitted to drop their course with no financial or academic penalty up until the end of Week 2. Between Week 2 and Week 6, dropping a class will constitute a withdrawal, which results in a partial tuition refund and a "W" on your transcript.  The amount of tuition refund is dependent on the week that the student withdraws, which is detailed in the Tuition Reimbursement Timeline (PDF).
*Note: If you are interested in courses outside of EGMT as electives and can only take courses online, look for the sections designated as “DeL-Online” or “DeL-Online Blackboard.” These sections generally have section numbers in the 900 series. Online graduate courses are available in the College of Engineering in Engineering Management, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Software Engineering.