Stay Connected

Earning your Master of Science in Engineering Management places you in a select community of Drexel graduates, which dates back over 50 years when the program was first established. In this time, our alumni have gone on to great success and are leading some of the most well regarded technology-intensive organizations in the world. We at Engineering Management consider our alumni to be both a source of pride and a tremendous asset, and connecting this diverse and successful community is an important goal for the program. To this end, we strongly encourage you to reconnect and learn how you can gain access to the community of other Engineering Management graduates, as well as graduates from other majors and disciplines within Drexel.

At the University Level

Drexel has created a private social network for called Drexel inCircle.  This is freely available to all Drexel alumni.  You can also visit the Drexel Alumni webpage to learn more about the benefits and services available to you as an alumnus and get better acquainted with the Alumni Association.

At the College Level

Visit the College of Engineering Alumni webpage  to see if you want to get involved in one of the Alumni Association committees, leverage the career and recruiting services available to you, or remain updated on upcoming networking events.

At the Program Level

Engineering Management maintains Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Our numbers in these groups continue to grow, and they are a great resource to stay connected with your graduating class and find alumni from other years. Program updates and job opportunities sent to us from your colleagues and classmates may be posted here as well.

On a Personal Level

If you receive a promotion, change industries or are involved in an exciting new project, we want to hear from you. There are a number of ways our alumni can remain active with the program, including:

  • Guest lecture or speak in online EGMT courses for current students
  • Speak to prospective students in virtual or face-to-face Open Houses
  • Complete a profile for our Alumni Spotlight
  • Attend Engineering Management networking receptions and quarterly seminars

At any time, please reach out to Kristen Crouthamel at 215-571-3609 or to get back in touch!