What is the history of EGMT 571: Managerial Statistics I?

Over the past few years, our program has noticed certain trends that create problems for some students seeking the Master of Science in Engineering Management.  One of these trends is an under-preparation in statistics.  To succeed in the quantitative portion of Engineering Management's curriculum (EGMT 572: Managerial Statistics II, EGMT 573: Operations Research I, and EGMT 574: Operations Research II), students must have a strong knowledge of statistics.

As such, EGMT 571 was created as a prerequisite for EGMT 572, which increased the total credit requirements for the MS Engineering Management from 48 to 51.  However, so as to not unduly burden students with an adequate statistics background, a Statistics Placement Exam is available.  If passed, this allows you to skip EGMT 571 entirely, which reduces the total required credits from 51 to 48.

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