Dual Masters Degree

Graduate students already enrolled in a master's degree program at Drexel have the opportunity, through the dual master's program, to work simultaneously on two master's degrees and to receive both upon graduation. To be eligible, graduate students must be currently working on their first degree when requesting admission to the second. They must obtain approval from the graduate advisors of both programs and work out a plan of study encompassing coursework and/or research (thesis) credits for both degrees.

Students may transfer as many as 15 credits from one program to the other, usually in the form of electives, and are therefore required to complete a minimum of 60 graduate credits to complete a dual master's degree program (the actual credit total may be higher, depending on each department's requirements). Transfer of credits from one program to another will depend on the programs.

The dual master's student must complete the Graduate Dual Degree Form and obtain approvals from both graduate advisors. Final approval is granted by the Office of Graduate Studies. The student is then registered in both majors simultaneously. Upon graduation, the student must file two Applications for Degrees.