BS/MS in Engineering Management

The majority of Engineering Management students pursuing their M.S. are employed with at least five years professional experience. They enter our program because they have gained enough experience to pursue advancement to management within their careers. With this in mind, we discourage students without the requisite professional experience from pursuing the full M.S. This helps avoid the undesirable situation where the graduate is overeducated and under-qualified.

One option that we recommend is to take Engineering Management courses as electives. We feel that this allows a student to gain an early exposure to management principles without placing an unfair burden of inexperience. Additionally, we allow BS/MS students to pursue the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management.  This can be done by taking the four required certificate courses (EGMT 501, 504, 531, and 535) as electives within the chosen M.S.  If this interests you, please be sure to discuss this option with your advisor.