Free Science Teacher and Student Workshops


Delaware Valley Science Fairs offers free Science workshops to teachers and students at your school


Workshop Offerings


1.       “ The How –to’s of Doing Student Science Research”  - This workshop will give teachers and students the foundation for the reason and purpose for incorporating science research into the classrooms and encourage students to see the purpose in completing an “inquiry based” research project.  The first steps of project selection, literature research, procedural set-up, data collection and analysis, finishing with conclusions, applications and project display will be discussed and modeled. 

 This workshop will be presented at the school site or a local site convenient to participants for a period of 1-6 hours depending on depth of presentation.


2.      “Designing an Inquiry – Based Science Research Program” – This workshop will be similar to workshop number one, but is geared towards students. 

      This workshop will be 45-90 minutes long.  We base the depth of content on prior experience and length of class periods at individual schools.


3.      “How to Find Project Ideas" -  This workshop will identify internet sites, books and journals that would give teachers and students new locations to discover challenging, grade appropriate project ideas. This workshop requires internet access for all participants.

 This workshop will be one hour.


4.      “Forms -on – Line” –This workshop allows students and teachers to understand the correct order and form for each student’s set of protocol to compete in student research competitions.   The current ISEF Rules and Guidelines will be used with this workshop.

 This workshop will be one hour.


5.       “Removing the Mask of Inquiry” A workshop that shows teachers the differences in inquiry based classrooms and traditional classroom teaching.  In addition teachers will study, discuss and perform inquiry based lessons that will demonstrate to them the many types of inquiry – based classrooms.

This workshop will be one-two hours.

6.     "Using Inquiry to Teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education"  This workshop will model the
       inquiry method of teaching science so that through problem-solving, collaboration, and application the participants will be able to adapt their teaching to
       encourage "STEM" learning.

This workshop is one to four hours depending on depth requested by schools.


Workshops funded in part by: GlaxoSmithKline, Dow Chemical Company, the Hamilton Family Foundation, The Huston Foundation, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA.