Delaware Valley Science Fairs
6th-8th Grade Team Project Winners - 2002

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First Place           
Siliang Chen, H. B. DuPont Middle School

Austin Zheng, H. B. DuPont Middle School
Dany Alvarez, H. B. DuPont Middle School
Second Place   
Erin Kennard, Western PA Cyber-Charter School

Amy Styer, Western PA Cyber-Charter School
Third Place
Benjamin Berg, The Jefferson School

Shahzain Munir, The Jefferson School
Honorable Mention           

Colleen Moran, St. Joseph School

Katie Walsh, St. Joseph School
Ryan Chafe, Springhouse Junior High School
Charles Schmied, Springhouse Junior High School
Breanna Kalinowski, CLIU #21 Education Park

Kristin Leach, CLIU #21 Education Park
Eric Sood, William Allen Middle School

Billy Killion, William Allen Middle School
William McMonigle, Drexel Hill Middle School
Michael Crowe, Drexel Hill Middle School
Ian Hirst-Hermans, Drexel Hill Middle School
Jessica Golson, Germantown Academy - High School
Kristen Gowing, Germantown Academy - High School

Stephen Bach, Riverton Borough School District
Billy Martin, Riverton Borough School District

Danielle Rongione, Unami Middle School
Rachael Sheets, Unami Middle School

Caitlin Hyde, Ursuline Academy
Meghan Hailstone, Ursuline Academy
Mario Machado, Springhouse Junior High School
Kyle McKenna, Springhouse Junior High School

Eric Hoeschel, H. B. DuPont Middle School
Christian D'Amour, H. B. DuPont Middle School
Rajarajan Vel, H. B. DuPont Middle School