Documents for Judges


Thank you for agreeing to judge at this year's Fairs. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in being a judge, but have not yet signed up please do so here.

As a judge, there is information and procedures that you should be familiar with before you come to the Fairs:

Judging Procedure - Category

Judging Procedure - Special Awards

Judging Criteria -

Judging Criteria - Engineering Projects

Judges Scoring Sheet

Judges Scoring Sheet - Engineering Projects

Judges Charge -  which is reiterated during the Judges briefing that morning


We require our judges to provide the students with an evaluation of their work.  This is one on the most important aspects of the Fairs.  Feedback from the judges to the students is key to this educational experience!! This year, we will be providing two different forms for you to use.  One is a checklist and the other is a rubric.  You should use the one that works best for you. We would welcome comments on which you like better.

Judges Comment Form Checklist                                                             Judges Comment Form Rubric

We will have additional copies of the above documents, scoring sheets, and feedback forms available at the fair if you need them. Once again we would like to thank you for you contribution to this program. Your participation really does make a difference!