Drexel VOTES 2012 Committee


Dr. Kevin Egan, Program Coordinator, Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Voter Registration and Education Subcommittee

  • Dr. Daniel Dougherty, Executive Director, Lindy Center for Civic Engagement
  • Kumar Ghafoor, Student
  • Dimitri Boufidis, Director, Business and City Affairs, OGCR

Events and Issues Subcommittee

  • Ed Kovacs, Director, Student Activities, Student Life
  • Zeek Weil, Director of Communications, Westphal School of Design
  • Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty, History and Politics
  • Kyla LaFond, Student
  • Michael Wade, Student
  • Alexis Thomes, Student

Communications, PR and Marketing Subcommittee

  • John Cooke, Associate Dean, Campus Engagement, Student Life
  • Brianne Tangney, Assistant Director, Lindy Center for Civic Engagement

Additional Members:

  • Carolyn Lynch, Program Coordinator, Vision 2020
  • Diana Dukes, Staff, Safety and Health
  • Nancy Bellafonte, Librarian, Hagerty Library
  • Natalie Shaak, Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Weena Coyle, Student
  • Xuyen Trinh, Student

Contact Drexel Votes

E-mail: drexelvotes2012@drexel.edu