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Hope you're staying warm and dry, my Drexel friends! 'Tis the season to show love for one another AND love for our planet! We look forward to showing the love by participating in Recyclemania again. Last year, we finished 30th out of 206 competing universities with a 41.21% overall recycle rate. Our goal is to beat that record!

If you haven't yet, read the University's updated Records Management Policy, which has implications for recycling via responsible document destruction.

Earth Day is quickly approaching. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on faculty, professional staff and student competitions, and other fun events at our annual Earth Day Festival.

As always, I welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to contact me!

-Tara McLoone, Chair, Sustainability Council



RecycleMania is Running Wild!
Before You Buy It or Chuck It: The Surplus Exchange
New All-Purpose Water Stations
Get Ready for Earth Day
In the News
Show You're Green and Sign the Pledge
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RecycleMania Is Running Wild!

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Now is a great time to think about what we recycle, and how we can do more. Drexel is one of 600-plus schools nationwide competing in RecycleMania 2011, the national recycling contest among colleges and universities that began February 6.

RecycleMania is a friendly annual competition and benchmarking tool to help college and university recycling programs promote waste reduction. Through April 2, participating schools report recycling and trash data, which are then ranked by most recyclables per capita, most total recyclables and the least amount of trash per capita.

Drexel is competing in many categories including aluminum, glass and plastic containers, cardboard and paper. Place your recyclable materials at regular recycling locations throughout campus. They'll be collected as usual, the material weighed and the totals submitted to Recyclemania on a weekly basis.

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Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy needed
to produce new aluminum from raw materials.

Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

RecycleMania has added cell phones as a recycling category this year. If you have a cell phone you would like to recycle, please bring it to the big community recycling event at the Rec Center on February 17, or email recycle@drexel.edu to arrange for disposal.

Recycling and Records Retention

On January 1 the Universityís updated records retention policy went into effect. Among the highlights are guidelines for the destruction of confidential records no longer needed for business purposes.

To help departments comply with the policy while boosting our RecycleMania efforts, Drexel will make complimentary record destruction services available in the month of March. These services are scheduled by campus and building location and organized by University Procurement and Student Life and Administrative Services. For information, visit the Drexel Green website.

For information on recycling at Drexel, visit the University Facilities website or email recycle@drexel.edu.

To learn more about the competition, visit the RecycleMania website.

Before You Buy It or Chuck It:
The Surplus Exchange

Drexel Surplus Exchange provides a unique online resource to make sure that the University uses what we have before buying new items. All thatís missing is your officeís surplus stuff!

The Exchange is an online marketplace where departments can list or look for surplus computer equipment, lab equipment, furniture and office supplies. Itís easy to use, and you can sign up for e-mail updates when new items are added. Youíll also find links to the asset disposition form (if youíre getting rid of capital equipment) and Yardi (to arrange moving  large items items via Facilities Management).

University Procurement is committed to increasing use of the Drexel Surplus Exchange, so log in today with your Drexel ID and password, and start thinking about what you can list.
For more information, contact Gabrielle Cohen at gc33@drexel.edu.

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Reused or recycled office furniture can save you
money while saving the environment at the same time.
Don't dump it, list it!

New All-Purpose Water Stations


Drexel continues to install bottle-filling stations around the University to help keep the campus community healthy and reduce the number of plastic bottles used. The latest stations are Elkay EZH2OTM models, which combine a drinking fountain and bottle filler and keep track of the amount of water dispensed over time.

The new stations have been installed in Kelly Hall and Myers Hall and are slated for additional buildings across campus. In total, there are eight bottle-filling stations at campus locations now, with two more purchased and others in the planning stage.

Get Ready for Earth Day


Remember to mark April 22 on your calendar as Earth Day, the day when individuals and organizations worldwide demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Drexel volunteers helped plant trees last year in Cobbs Creek Park, Philadelphia (photo right).

Drexel is planning a celebration with guests and activities that support our major sustainability focuses: efficiency, recycle, reduction, re-use and education. A full rundown will be in the next issue of sustainABILITY, but for now, if you'd like to volunteer to assist with any of the campus events on Earth Day, contact Tara McLoone.

In the News

EPA Recognizes Drexel Among Nation's Leading Green Power Purchasers
The University was included for the first time in the EPA's National Top 50 list. See News Release.

Drexel Joins American College and University Climate Commitment
Drexel will reduce much of its greenhouse gas emissions in just one year. See News Release.

Show You're Green and Sign the Pledge

Members of the Drexel community can demonstrate their commitment to being green and environmentally responsible on campus and at home by signing the University's Environmental Responsibility Pledge. Visit Go Green! Pledge Form.

Contact Us!

We want to hear from you. Do you have a suggestion for a Drexel Green project? Would you like to be a part of the Sustainability Council? If so, contact the Sustainability Committee:

Chair: Tara McLoone, training specialist, Human Resources
Vice Chair: Kyle Kephart, director of quality services, Student Life & Administrative Services
Administrator: Connie Gable, budget coordinator, Student Life & Administrative Services
Recorder: Lisa Unruh, project and production manager, LeBow College of Business Communications

Visit the Drexel Green website for more information on how to get involved.

sustainABILITY is published by the Drexel University Sustainability Council.
Email Lisa Unruh, for more information.