Global Outreach

The world's greatest challenges today are global, and they require international solutions, research and collaboration. We must enhance Drexel’s global impact, to the point that the Drexel name means the same to people around the world as it does to those in America and in this region. The best way for us to serve students in a global environment is to better educate them in languages, history and culture. To that end, Drexel will move beyond study abroad programs toward global experiential learning, including global co-op, global research and global civic engagement. In 2011, we agreed to work with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to create a joint doctoral program in biomedical engineering, and to partner with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in research. In January, we will conclude a similar research agreement with Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Drexel plans to establish similar relationships in India, Brazil, South Korea and Turkey. Maximizing Drexel's global reputation and impact will be accomplished by forging strategic partnerships with leading universities overseas, reaching out to alumni around the world (Drexel currently has alumni in 112 countries) and implementing learning and work experiences for our students, as well as teaching and research opportunities for our faculty.