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Fall schedule 2014:

Repertoire: Ralph Vaughan Williams’s In Windsor Forest, G.F. Handel's Sing unto God, Felix Mendelssohn's There Shall a Star Come Out of Jacob, and 3 spirituals: Witness, Great Day, and Gimme yo’ hand.

Sept. 23 Gimme: all, Windsor: 33-36, Great: 2-5
Sept. 25 Gimme: all, Windsor: 33-40, Great: 2-8
Sept. 30 Windsor: 33-45, Great: 2-8, Sing: 2-3, Gimme: review
Oct. 2 Windsor: 33-45, Great: 2-8, Sing: all, Gimme: review, Drexel Ode
Oct. 7 Convocation Performance 11:00 a.m.: call 9:30 a.m.: Gimme. (evening rehearsal) Windsor: 16-27, rev. mvt.IV, Sing: all, Great: read 8-10
Oct. 9 Sectionals: [5:30–6:15, T/B in Main 417] Great: all, Windsor: 16-32, mvt. I (W), mvt. II (M); Sing: runs
Oct. 14 Sectionals: [5:30–6:15, T/B in Main 417] Great: all, Windsor: 16-32, mvt. I (W), mvt. II (M); Sing: runs, Star: 1-4
Oct. 16 Star: 1-10, Sing: review, Windsor: 46-50, mvt. III-IV (review)
Oct. 21 Star: all, Windsor: 46-53, Witness: 1-6
Oct. 23 Sectionals: [5:30–6:15, T/B in Main 417] Windsor: mvt. I (W), mvt. II (M), problem spots; Sing: runs, Star: problem spots, Witness: 1-7
Oct. 28 All solos ready: Witness: all, Other music: TBA
Oct. 30 review TBA
Nov. 4 review TBA
Nov. 6 review TBA
Nov. 11 review TBA
Nov. 13 review TBA
Nov. 18 review TBA
Nov. 20 review TBA
Nov. 25 review TBA
Nov. 27 no rehearsal; University Holiday
Dec. 2 review TBA
Dec. 4 Dress rehearsal in Main Auditorium
Dec. 7 Concert. 3:00 p.m. Main Auditorium. (Call between 1 & 2)


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