Import of W-2's into TurboTax

 All Drexel and DrexelMed employees, regardless of whether you elected electronic or paper delivery, now have the option to import their W-2 information in TurboTax!  To initiate this feature, please have your W-2 in hand because you will need information from Box b for the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Box 1 for the password.  As always, any and all questions regarding your W-2 should be directed to the Payroll Department by emailing

To access this functionality, you must use a version of TurboTax that supports the importing W-2 data feature.  You must have a valid ssn, UserID, and a W2 box 1 amt to login. Only employees with active domestic home addresses are eligibile. The import feature is available for TurboTax’s Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business versions.  This feature will not work for the Basic/Free version.  Please browse TurboTax’s website for more product details.

On the Let Us Enter Your W-2 for You screen, select the first bullet as shown below and select Continue:

At the Tell Us Your Employer Identification Number screen, you will be prompted to enter the Employer Identification Number (EIN) from your W-2 (usually in Box b).  If the EIN is entered correctly, you will be led to the Drexel University & Drexel College of Medicine login page as shown below:

You will need to supply your SSN, your Drexel domain ID as the User ID (e.g. lower-case, abc123), and the amount in Box 1 of your 2012 W-2 as the password.   If you do not know your Drexel domain userid (abc123), please contact the IRT help desk

We ask for your SSN as an additional security measure to make certain that you are the only person who has access to your account. This information is only used to identify your account.  We do not pass this data to any third parties.  All W-2 data is stored in the Banner Administrative Systems Database, at Drexel University.   TurboTax also assures using a secure Internet connection to download your information right into your TurboTax return, safeguarding your information by using the latest encryption technology.

If you get an error message:  Unable to Import Your Information.  Response from Drexel University & Drexel College of Medicine:  Signon Invalid, ensure that your SSN, userid and password (Box 1 amount from your W-2) are correct before trying again.

Should you enter your credentials incorrectly 3 times, you will receive the following error message:  User password lockout. Your account is now locked for one hour.  Please wait the hour, verify your Drexel domain ID and Box 1 from your W-2 and try again.  If you still are having problems contact  Under no circumstances are you to give anyone your SSN or your Box 1 information to resolve this issue.  Please do NOT email your SSN or your Box 1 W-2 information; simply email that you are having trouble logging into the import, provide a telephone number and we will contact you.

Once you click Continue, it can take approximately one minute for the import to complete.  If an error message appears:  Drexel University and College of Medicine is not available at this time; please try again later, or if error message:  Account not found OR if no information is returned appears, please email

When the import is complete, you will be given an opportunity to review the details of your W-2.  To verify this information, you will need to compare this with the W-2 issued by Drexel University & Drexel College of Medicine.  If the details of your W-2 are as expected, click Continue.  If not, you can edit the fields then click Continue.  Please note that you will be responsible for your W-2 information provided on your tax return.  For additional support regarding this feature, please use TurboTax’s help links within the application.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a nonresident alien for US tax purposes, you cannot use TurboTax to file your US tax return.  TurboTax does not support the filing of IRS Forms 1040-NR or 1040-NREZ.  Information will be available in the near future about using the Glacier Tax Prep program to file your US tax return.  For more information please e-mail the Tax Office at

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