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Glacier Email Example

Subject: Payments from Drexel University
Payments from Philadelphia Health and Education Corp

Dear Your Name,

We understand that you have recently or may soon receive payments from Drexel University or Payments from Philadelphia Health and Education Corp.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the U.S. government tax authority, has issued strict regulations regarding the taxation and reporting of payments made to non-United States citizens. As a result, Drexel University may be required to withhold U.S. income tax and file reports with the IRS in connection with any payments made to you. Before Drexel University can make any payments to you, certain information and forms must be provided in order to make correct tax withholding and reporting decisions.

For your convenience, Drexel University or Drexel University College of Medicine allows you to provide this information and complete the necessary forms via the Internet from any web-accessed computer using the GLACIER Online Tax Compliance System. You must access GLACIER and provide the requested information within 10 days of receiving this message. If you do not provide the requested information within 10 days, the maximum amount of U.S. tax will be withheld from any payments made to you.

To access GLACIER, please follow the instructions below (if you have any problems accessing GLACIER, please contact the GLACIER Support Center at

Click on the following web link:
If the link does not automatically open, simply open your Internet Browser (preferably Internet Explorer) and enter the website address

Click on the GLACIER logo to enter the website.

Institution ID: drexl-phlpa or phedc-phily
Password: ******
UserID: You create your own personal User ID. Please use something very unique to just you. You may use any combination of at least 6 letters/numbers.

If you have any questions or need additional information about why you have been asked to use GLACIER, please contact me at: or 1-215-895-1716.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Karen Lee
Drexel University

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