Web*Time Entry Approval Instructions


Please Note:  These instructions are intended to provide the supervisors of non-exempt employees with basic information required to approve their employees’ time sheets each pay period.  The screen shots are provided for general reference purposes only.  Your computer screens may look slightly different depending on your access to the services contained within Drexel One.  However, the steps contained below are the same for all employees.  If you have any problems approving your employees’ time sheets, please contact the Payroll Department at payroll@drexel.edu.

If you are already familiar with logging on to the Drexel One portal and accessing the “Employees” tab, skip to step 4.


Step 1.             Access the Drexel One home page

Use your internet browser to access the Drexel One home page at https://one.drexel.edu.  There is a link to the Drexel One home page available in the lower left-hand corner of the Drexel University home page, http://www.drexel.edu.

Step 2.             Log on to Drexel One

Log on to Drexel one using your e-mail user ID and password.  If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Password Reset Wizard” link and follow the instructions.

Step 3.             Select the “Employees” tab

From the Drexel One Main Menu, click on the “Employees” tab at the top left of the screen.

Step 3a.           Address Verification

Once each academic term, you will be prompted to verify your Employee Campus Mailing address and your Employee Home address.  When you are prompted by this automatic pop-up, please review your address information and e-mail any corrections/updates to Human Resources Information Systems at hris@drexel.edu.

Please include your correct address(s), university ID and the effective date of your change.  Click on the “Continue” button to move on to the Employees Main Menu.

If you do not receive this pop-up message, you will automatically be taken to the Employees Main Menu; skip to Step 4.


Step 4.             Select from the Employees Main Menu

Click the “Time Reporting and Leave Balances” link.

Step 5.             Select “Time Sheet”

From the Time Reporting Menu, click the “Time Sheet” link.

Step 6.             Set Up a Proxy

The first time you log in as an approver, you should set up proxy.  A proxy is an individual that you designate to approve time sheets on your behalf in case of your absence.  You may set up more than one proxy if you wish to provide additional coverage for your department.  If you have already set up a proxy, or are logging in as someone else’s proxy, skip to Step 8.

Click the “Set Up Proxy” link at the bottom center of the Time Reporting Selection menu.

Step 7.             Add (Remove) Proxy

Select the individual you would like to designate as your proxy from the drop-down list on the Proxy Set Up screen.  Check the “Add” box next to the drop-down list and click “Save”.

A list of your proxies will be displayed above the drop-down list.  If you should ever wish to remove a proxy, click the “Remove” box next to the proxy’s name and click “Save”.

Use the “Time Reporting Selection” link at the bottom center of the screen to return to the Time Reporting Selection Menu.


Step 8.           Select “Approve or Acknowledge Time”

Use the radio button in the “My Choice” column to select the “Approve or Acknowledge Time” option.

If you are logging in as a proxy for someone else, select that person’s name from the drop-down menu in the “Act as Proxy” option.  If you are not logging in as a proxy, this option should read “Self”.

Click the “Select” button.


Step 9.           Select Pay Period

If you are an approver for both Web*Time Entry and Exempt Leave Reporting, you will see options for both systems on the Approver Selection screen.  To approve non-exempt time sheets, make sure you select the options under the “Time Sheet” section.  The “My Choice” indicator will default to the “Time Sheet” option.  If you are an approver for Web*Time Entry only, you will only see the Time Sheet section.

If you are responsible for multiple departments, select which one you would like to approve by clicking the radio button in the “My Choice” column next to the department name.

Select the pay period to approve from the list in the drop-down box next to the department name.  Make sure to select the correct pay period, since the current period will be open before the previous period closes.

You may change the sort order, if you wish, by clicking the radio button next to your choice.  Click the “Select” button.



Step 10.           Select Employee’s Time Sheet

In the Summary screen, select the time sheet you wish to approve.  Click on the name of the employee to view the time sheet detail.

Note: Although there is an option to select all time sheets for approval, we recommend that approvers do not use it.  View each time sheet individually to make sure that the correct types and amounts of hours are reported on the appropriate days.

Approvers will only be able to approve a time sheet once it has been submitted by the employee.  These time sheets will show a status of “Pending”.  Approvers should follow up with employees who have worked during the pay period and whose time sheets are “Not Started” or “In Progress” to make sure they are submitted and approved by the last working day of the pay period.

We recommend that all time sheets be submitted and approved on the last working day of the pay period.  However, extra time has been allowed to accommodate unforeseen events.  The submission cutoff is noted at the top of the Summary screen and the approval cutoff is two hours later.


Step 11.           Review and Approve Time Sheet

Review your employee’s time sheet to make sure that all hours have been reported, in the correct amounts and on the correct days.  Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to view days that do not appear on the current screen.

If changes need to be made to the time sheet, you may use the “Change Record” option to make the changes yourself or the “Return for Correction” option to send the time sheet back to the employee.  Be careful when using the “Return for Correction” option to make sure that sufficient time is available before the submission deadline for the employee to update and resubmit the time sheet.

Once you are satisfied that the time sheet is correct, click on the “Approve” button.  The employee will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Use the “Previous Menu” button to return to the Summary screen.  If you have more time sheets to review and approve, return to step 10 and select the next employee.  Once all of your time sheets are approved, continue to step 12.


Step 12.           Confirm all Time Sheets are Approved                                

On the Summary screen, confirm that time sheets for all of your employees who have worked during the pay period have been processed.  Once you approve a time sheet, the status will change to “Approved”.

You will see summary information in the Pay Events Transactions section which will confirm the number of time sheets approved and the number that still require action.  Follow up with any employees who have a time sheet in a “Not Started”, “In Progress” or “Returned for Correction” status and make sure they are approved before the deadline.

Note: Employees’ hours cannot be paid until their time sheet is approved!    Unapproved time sheets will not be included for payment on the regularly scheduled pay day.  To avoid any delay in your employees receiving their wages, please make sure that all time sheets are submitted and approved by the deadline.

When all of your employees’ time sheets are “Approved”, log out of Drexel One using the “Logout” icon in the upper-right of the screen.


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