Direct Deposit Instructions

  • If you are completing this form online, click in each box and type in the required information as outlined below.  When finished, print the completed form and then sign and date on the lines provided at the bottom of the form.  An original signature is required on each form submitted.
  • You may also print the blank form and complete it by hand.  Please print legibly if you are completing this form by hand.
  • Check the appropriate box at the top of the form, indicating whether you are an employee of Drexel University or the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.
  • Enter your name and your University ID number on the lines provided.
  • Enter your banking information in the section marked “Primary Account” (required).  Your net payroll and employee business expense reimbursements will be deposited into this account.
  • For information on how to identify your bank routing/transit number and account number click here.  If you still have questions regarding the correct numbers to use, please contact your bank for assistance.
  • If you would like to set up optional partial payroll deposits, please complete the sections marked “Secondary Account”.  Partial deposits are available for payroll payments only and must be for a specified dollar amount per pay.  Partial deposits will be deducted before your remaining net pay is deposited into the Primary Account listed above.
  • Enter the name and phone number of your bank for each account listed.  It may be necessary for Payroll to contact your bank if there are questions concerning the proper set up of your direct deposit.
  • Provide your daytime telephone number at the bottom of the form, sign, date and return to the address indicated.  If you prefer, your completed form may be faxed to either of the two secure fax numbers listed.
  • Use this form if you should ever need to change or stop your direct deposit to the account(s) listed.  Payroll must be notified immediately if any of your deposit accounts are closed.


  • All new direct deposits are subject to verification, which usually takes two full pay periods.  You will receive paper pay checks until your new direct deposit account(s) become active.  Always verify the available balance in your bank account before authorizing any payments or withdrawals.
  • Your Primary Account may become active before your Secondary Accounts.  If so, the amounts specified for your partial deposits will be included in the deposit to your Primary Account until the Secondary Accounts become active.
  • If you receive direct deposit at a U.S. bank and then have the entire amount forwarded to a bank in another country, please contact the Payroll Department at or (215) 895-1648.  There are special formatting requirements for these transactions that the University needs to follow.  It will not impact your payroll.




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