Q.   What is the reimbursable mileage rate?

A.   The current business mileage rate is available at http://www.drexel.edu/depts/compt/ap/mileagerate.html.

Q.   How do I account for small purchased items, such as snacks, with no receipts?

A.   In those instances when receipts are not available, create a 3” x 5” “dummy receipt” with date, amount, and signature of the traveler.  However, Drexel University reserves the right to refuse reimbursement in cases where “dummy receipts” appear excessive or inappropriate.

Q.   Can copies of original receipts be accepted when originals cannot be found?

A.   Copies of original receipts are accepted for partial reimbursements; however, original receipts are required for full value reimbursement.  This includes original hotel bills and original airline tickets.

Q.   What is the maximum amount an employee can request on a travel advance?

A.   Employees can request up to $100.00 per day with a maximum of $500.00 per trip.  Submit your request on a Travel Advance Form (TA) and within 30 days after the return from your trip, submit a Travel Expense Reimbursement Form (TE).

Q.   How soon before a trip should a travel advance be submitted?

A.   No earlier than 7 workdays prior to the trip.

Q.   Is there a per diem expense allowance?

A.   Average per diem allowable is $60.00 per day; however, receipts are required for all requested reimbursements.

Q.   Will I be reimbursed for personal expenses?

A.    No.  Personal expenses such as entertainment, mini bar charges, in-room movies, valet or laundry services or other similar costs will not be reimbursed





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