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Air Conditioning Units

  • Air conditioning units are provided to all residential bedrooms.
  • New! One AC unit will be provided to the first floor Chapter Room during the Spring quarter.
  • Organizations that wish to purchase AC units for additional common spaces can coordinate installation at no charge through the Office of University Housing (

Cable Television

Cable at the 34th Street properties is provided by Comcast. University Housing pays cable bills and charges organizations once per term. Each organization is responsible for paying their bill in full.

The financial manager of each organization is responsible for remitting payment to the Office of University Housing. Payment is due within 30 days of notification. Failure to pay will result in interrupted service. Cable bills will be available in the Office of University Housing.

To change cable services or request additional equipment, contact University Housing.

The channel line-up is available from Comcast.


University Housing offers unlimited laundry service to 34th Street Housing residents. Each house has, at minimum, two washers and two dryers.

For issues with a laundry machine, please submit a Laundry Problem Report.

Outdoor Grill

Grill is available free of charge, provided that organizations follow the below policies. To reserve a grill, please contact Fraternity & Sorority Life. 

Please note the following policies for all requests.

  • Organizations are responsible for arranging with their House Director or the House Director on-call the set-up and clean-up times needed.
  • Propane tanks are available in the shed and are the responsibility of the organization.
  • No propane tanks may be left in any houses for any reason! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The HD on call is your primary contact during your event.

Issue Reporting

There are various vendors who are responsible for the various services that are provided at the 34th Street properties. Please refer to the following information and report any problems to the appropriate group.

Any issues with the washing and drying machines must be reported directly to MacGray and University Housing.

The turnaround time for General Work Order Requests is 7-10 business days.

General work order requests

  • Maintenance issues
  • Keys not working / lost / stolen
  • Appliances
  • Air condition units
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical issues

Additionally, you may use the below resources for other issue reporting:

  • Cable issues should be addressed via the Cable Service Request Form [PDF].
  • Pest Control issues should be reported directly to the House Director Staff or the HD On-Call phone via 215.852.9544.
  • ResNet and DragonFly issues please report the issue with Information Resources Technology via the Report a Problem Form


Trash Pick-up

Trash is picked up by Waste Management every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trash should be put out the night before because it can be picked up anytime between 4am and 12pm on the day of pick-up. If you notice that the trash is not picked up by 12pm, email

Trash Pens

Each organization is responsible for the cleanliness of their assigned trash pen and the surroundings. Only trash inside of the dumpsters and totters will be picked up by Waste Management.

House Clean-up

University Housing will sponsor a house clean-up / clean out at the end of the Spring term. This service is provided to organizations free of charge! If you want to have a house cleaning for a time outside of this time frame, organizations have two options:

  • You may order a dumpster from Waste Management. To do so, send an email to The cost of this dumpster will be billed to the organization via invoice.
  • If you have large items to be removed but do not want to order an entire dumpster, place them by your pen and email to have them removed. The service fee is $75 per item, and will be billed to the organization via invoice.


One large recycling bin is located behind each property. This is picked up on a weekly basis by Facilities Management. Please be sure to place commingled glass, aluminum and plastic in these outdoor recycling bins.


Parking in any part of the alleyway behind D-Lot or in front of the trash pen is prohibited. This will prevent Waste Management from properly picking up trash. Any cars that are parked in these areas will be ticketed and / or towed at owner's expense.

Your cooperation will ensure that we have a neat, clean and healthy living environment.


Cleaning will occur in each house using the provided schedule below. Individual organizations may request a quote for additional cleaning by contacting the Office of University Housing.

Monday 200 / 202 N. 34th Street
Tuesday 204 / 206 N. 34th Street
Wednesday 208/210 N. 34th Street
Thursday 3411 Powelton Avenue
Friday 212 N. 34th Street

Cleaning is conducted by GCA Services Group and is intended to supplement the cleaning efforts of the organization and residents of the houses. Below are the cleaning specifications:

Public Areas (defined as first floor only, not including basement)

  • Empty all trash receptacles and recycling, wipe clean the interior/exterior surfaces of trash receptacles; replace soiled or damaged liner;
    NOTE: This service is provided to all properties on Fridays;
  • Dust all areas within reach, including window sills, wall ledges, chairs, desks, tables, baseboards, pictures, painted walls and wall hangings;
  • Damp wipe spills and/or stains, all areas within reach, including above-mentioned areas.
  • Spot clean all vertical painted surfaces.
  • Wipe clean and disinfect door panic bars and push plates; polish bright metal surfaces.
  • Dust mop or sweep all hard surface flooring
  • Damp mop all hard surface flooring using a neutral cleaning agent
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas using upright or equivalent equipment.
  • Spot clean all carpet
  • Remove litter from ledges, planters, wall fixtures, etc.

Public Bathrooms (defined as first floor and hallway communal bathrooms only)

  • Scour, wash, sanitize, and disinfect interior and exterior of all bowls, seats, urinals, washbasins and mirrors.
  • Wash and dry lavatory hardware and metal trim.
  • Empty paper towel and trash disposal receptacles.
  • Sweep, wet mop or wash, sanitize, and properly dry all floors.
  • Remove graffiti and other markings on walls
  • Damp wipe exterior of waste cans and dispensing units.
  • Report all mechanical deficiencies, dripping faucets, etc. to Facilities Management

(Note: Private bathrooms within student rooms or suites will not be entered or cleaned by the Housekeeping Staff. Students are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of personal bathrooms at all times.)


  • Wipe down all sinks, stoves, counter tops and tables using disinfectant agent
  • Sweep floors
  • Wet mop floors using neutral cleaning solution.
  • Wipe down all chairs, appliances, and stove burners.
  • Clean all stainless steel equipment
  • Dishes located in the sink will not be cleaned and remain the responsibility of the Fraternity / Sorority.

House Access

Access to most 34th Street properties is via the student's DragonCard and all University policies surrounding DragonCard usage applies.

In an effort to provide a safe living enviornment for all residents, exterior doors may not be propped for any reason. For special events, organizations may request doors be unlocked provided they post a member at that door.

University Housing will grant non-resident access for up to three members of an organization. To request this service, complete the Non-Resident Access form [PDF] and email to

House and Room Inspections

Assessments of each property will be done once per term during announced visits. The Office of University Housing reserves the right to visually inspect all properties during unannounced visits as well.

Fire and Life Safety Assessments

  • Exterior doors clear
  • No furniture in the hallways
  • Flammable items such as paint
  • Sprinkler head unobstructed
  • Fire exits clearly marked
  • Emergency lights operable
  • Smoke detectors operable and unobstructed

Facilities Management Assessments

  • Trash taken out
  • No open containers of food
  • University furniture policies enforced
  • All exterior doors closed
  • Basement storage areas tidy