Placement and Enrollment

The Modern Languages placement examination is required for all students who have knowledge in the target language and who have studied the language before in an educational or private setting. All students who plan to take a modern language course are required to take the appropriate placement examination.

Each examination will help estimate the level of knowledge and place you in the most appropriate course level (note: 101 level classes are designed for absolute beginners). There are separate instructions for each examination, which are provided below:

Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean Placement Tests:

Please contact the Modern Languages office at 215.895.5816 to set up an appointment. You will meet with one of our instructors to have a one-on-one evaluation, and to determine which level of class is most appropriate based on your prior knowledge of the language.

French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish Placement Tests:

Please stop by the Modern Languages office any weekday between 9am and 4pm. Our office is located in the Language and Communication Center building, 229 N. 33rd Street, room 212. The test should take approximately 45 minutes, and we can score the test and assist you with registration afterward.

Students With Disabilities

If you require special accommodations to take your placement examination(s), you must provide the necessary medical documentation to the Office of Disability Services. Information regarding examination accommodations can be found at

After your request for accommodation has been assessed, arrangements will be made to allow you to take your examinations at Orientation.

Students Who Have Completed AP/CLEP Examinations:

Those students who have taken AP and/or CLEP examination(s) through ETS are still required to take Drexel's placement examination(s) for scheduling purposes. Once AP/CLEP scores are provided to the University by ETS–often after the scheduling deadline—adjustments to a student's schedule will be made by his or her academic advisor.

For subjects other than Modern Languages, please refer to the Guide to Taking the Placement Examination(s).

Student Enrollment Procedure for Modern Language Courses

Once students have established their language level, they can enroll or contact Modern Languages any time at 215.895.5816. Students who have never studied the language of choice must enroll in a 101 class.

Information regarding classes, schedules and rooms can be found on the Term Master Schedule.

Some classes will have times assigned, others will have TBA (To Be Announced) next to them. It is imperative that students sign up for the TBA classes although they do not have times assigned. Modern Languages schedules these language classes around the students’ other classes. If students do not register, their names will not appear on the class roster and their needs will not be put into consideration when the smaller TBA classes are scheduled.

For more information, please contact the office at 215.895.2443 or the ML Director, Simone Schlichting-Artur, EdD at