Co-op for Criminology & Justice Studies Majors

Drexel University’s nationally recognized cooperative education program (Co-op) combines periods of full-time professional employment with periods of academic study. Co-ops enable students to work for six months at compani es where they can apply their coursework and gain hands-on experience in their prospective careers.

All Criminology & Justice Studies majors are admitted into the 4-year, 1-Co-op program.  The Criminology & Justice Studies co-op is divided across two summers: students complete two three-month co-op placements during the summer terms after the sophomore and junior years.  Some placements do require a minimum grade point average.

Criminology & Justice Studies students have held co-op positions at the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, at local sheriff and police departments, with local judges, at criminal justice agencies, law firms, community agencies and nonprofit organizations.

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