Seif Sekalala

Seif Sekalala

Office: PSA 306
Phone: 215.895.2890

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Immigration
    • Refugee and political asylees’ identity establishment and negotiation via narrative
    • Immigrants’ self-expression online, and or their “digital subjectivities”
    • Discourse analysis of rhetoric about immigration in the United States
  • Multiculturalism in Education and Professional Settings
  • Ethnography of Communication
  • Narrative Inquiry

Courses Taught

  • Communication Basic Course (Introduction to Communication and Public Speaking) 
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution  
  • Intercultural Communication


I was born in Uganda, East Africa, and came to the United States to pursue higher education (among other reasons) after high school in 2004; I have family spread out over 3 continents, and I love interacting with people from all over the globe. Given that background, perhaps it is no accident that I ended up studying what I study. I draw the inspiration for my research from some of the experiences my family and I have had in Africa and the West, and my overarching ambition is to understand and to fight some of the root causes of global injustice and inequality.

The goals of the researcher must be to empathize with the subject, to enter the subject’s realm of experience, and to attempt to understand the value of the person as an individual.  

--Blumer, 1969 (Littlejohn, 1992, Pg. 171)

Selected Publications

  • “Refugee and Asylee Identity Negotiation via Narrative.” Paper presented at the Eastern Communication Association Convention, Cambridge MA, 2012  
  • “Immigrant Digital Subjectivities & Their Implications for Subjects’ Adaptation and Wellbeing.” Paper accepted for presentation at the MeCCSA Conference 2013