Jacob Robbins

Jacob Robbins

Office: PSA 306
Phone: 215.895.2890


  • BPhil English Literature and Music. University of Pittsburgh, 2012.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Popular Music Consumption
  • Discourse of New Musical Notation Methods
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Formal Presentation Theory
  • Critical Theory and New Media
  • The Two-Cultures Divide in Undergraduate Research


I studied at the University of Pittsburgh focusing broadly in English Literature and Music.  My musical past specializes in Jazz Guitar and African Drumming.  My undergraduate research focused on the intersection between modernist expressions of Jazz and literature-particularly Ernest Hemingway and Duke Ellington.  Out of this experience, I became fascinated with the discourse surrounding undergraduate research and how institutions deal with differing epistemological claims between the natural sciences and the Humanities.  After the defense of my BPhil in 2012, I began looking at popular music consumption methods and how changes in medium affect the consumer. As a performer, I have always been interested in the influence of non-verbal communication and the growing field of "dramatized" academia (TED, New Yorker).

Selected Publications