Alexander Jenkins

Alexander Jenkins

Office: PSA 306
Phone: 215.895.2890

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Non-normative Play and Digital Games
  • Digital Games and Morality
  • War and Moral Reasoning

Selected Publications

  • Post-Ethical Society: The Iraq War, Abu Ghraib, and the Moral Failure of the Secular. Douglas Porpora, Alexander Nikolaev, Julia Hagemann, and Alexander Jenkins. Forthcoming, University of Chicago Press.
  • Alexander Jenkins, Alexander Nikolaev, and Douglas Porpora (2012) “Moral Reasoning and the Online Debate about Iraq” Political Communication 29:1, 44-63.
  • Julia Hagemann, Alex Jenkins, Alexander Nikolaev, and Douglas Porpora. "The Content of Moral Debate Online: The Attack on Iraq and the Revelations of Abu Ghraib," Paper presented at the April meeting of the Eastern Communication Association Arlington, VA 2011.
  • Alexander Jenkins, Alexander Nikolaev, and Douglas V. Porpora . “The USENET Debate on Iraq,”  Meeting of the Eastern Communication Association.  April 2010.