Drexel Hosts IEEE SASO Conference, Sept. 9-13, 2013

September 8, 2013 — SASO

Drexel University is hosting the 2013 meeting of the IEEE Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO) Conference Sept. 9-13, 2013. Drexel Professors Giuseppe Valetto, David Breen and Nagarajan Kandasamy are the event chairs running the conference.

The aim of the SASO conference series is to provide a forum for the foundations of a principled approach to engineering systems, networks and services based on self-adaptation and self-organization. To this end, the meeting aims to attract participants with different backgrounds, to foster cross-pollination between research fields, and to expose and discuss innovative theories, frameworks, methodologies, tools and applications. The seventh edition of the SASO conference embraces the inter-disciplinarity and the scientific, empirical and application dimensions of self-* systems, and welcomes novel results on both self-adaptive and self-organizing systems research.

The main conference program will run Tuesday through Thursday, and will include invited talks by Ioannis Kevrekidis (Princeton University), Jeffrey Wilcox (Lockheed Martin) and Rene Doursat (Complex Systems Institute, Paris CRNS and Ecole Polytechnique). Monday and Friday's program features tutorials and workshops highlighting self-adaptive and self-organizing topics.

The conference is sponsored by Lockheed Martin, Applied Communication Sciences, BAE Systems, Dynamic Object Language Labs (DOLL), Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT) and Raytheon BBN Technologies. Organizing partners include IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE).

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