Six Computer Science Ph.D. Candidates Successfully Defend Their Dissertations

December 18, 2012 — The Department of Compute Science congratulates the following students on successfully defending their dissertations and achieving doctorate degrees.

Dmitriy Bespalov
Dissertation Title: “Large-scale Document Labeling using Supervised Sequence Embedding”
Advisor: Dr. Ali Shokoufandeh

Michael Brennan
Dissertation Title: “Managing Quality, Identity and Adversaries in Public Discourse with Machine”
Advisor: Dr. Rachel Greenstadt
Mike is working with SecondMuse as a technologist and will be organizing Random Hacks of Kindness, the International Space Apps Challenge, and the Central America Domestic Violence Hackathon. He also shares his time as a member of the technical advisory council for Radio Free Asia’s Open Technology Fund.

Louis Kratz
Dissertation Title: “Visual Analysis of Crowded Scenes.”
Advisor: Dr. Ko Nishino
Louis is currently working for a startup called Curalate as a software engineer.

Walt Mankowski
Dissertation Title: “Canonical Behavior Patterns.”
Advisor: Dr. Dario Salvucci
Read the full text here.
Walt is currently a postdoctoral research associate in Drexel’s Computational Image Sequence Analysis Lab working with Dr. Andrew Cohen and analyzing hematopoietic stem cell image sequences.

Manolya E. McCormick
Dissertation Title: “Interactive Free-Form Editing Techniques for Large-Scale, Multi-Resolution Level Set Models”
Advisor: Dr. David Breen

Thomas Plick
Dissertation Title: “Problems in Extremal and Combinatorial Geometry.”
Advisor: Dr. Ali Shokoufandeh
Read the full text here