Computer Science electives and tracks updated

August 6, 2012 — As you are registering for Fall courses, please review the following information on CS electives.

1) We are not planning on offering CS 481 Advanced Artificial Intelligence this year. If you are planning on completing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) track, you can satisfy that track with CS 380 Artificial Intelligence and two AI electives (CS 485). This year we are offering CS 485 Evolutionary Computing in the Winter and CS 485 Knowledge Based Agents in the Spring. If you complete this track without CS 481, please email your advisor after your CS 485 grade comes in so I can make the adjustment in DegreeWorks.

2) We will be offering several electives for the Game Design and Development track. In the Fall, we have CS 480 Game Dev Workshop I (meeting with GMAP 377). In the Winter, we have CS 480 Game Dev Workshop II (meeting with GMAP 378), CS 347 Experimental Game Development and CS 480-002 Game Engine Programming. We plan on CS 348 Serious Games in the Spring. If you have already taken the GMAP 377 & 378 courses, do not take the CS versions or you will not receive credit. Remember CS/DIGM/GMAP 345 is required for the GAME track.

3) We have a special topics course listed in the Fall as CS 480-001 Processor Design & Analysis. This course will replace CS 282 as the foundation course in the Computer Architecture track. If you already took CS 282, you should not take this course.

4) We will not be offering the Computer Graphics track this year. If you have already taken CS 430 Computer Graphics or CS 435 Computational Photography and you are still interested in completing this track, please email your advisor to see see if there’s any substitutions that can be made.

5) If you pursue the Software Engineering track, it is very easy to get a Software Engineering minor. You will only need two additional courses (SE 210 and SE 211) which you can take as Free electives.

6) If you complete the Numeric & Symbolic Computation track, it’s very easy to get a Math minor. In addition to required courses you’ll already be taking, you’ll need 15-16 credits including MATH 200 (can be taken as MATH elective) and 3-4 MATH courses which could be taken as CS electives (MATH 300, MATH 301, MATH 305, MATH 450 & MATH 475). If you work it out early enough, you could complete that minor without taking any additional courses.

All track courses are CS electives so even if you are not pursuing that specific track, you can still take those courses. Please see for a full list of CS electives.

If you are not sure when you can register, please see for your time ticket. If you have any questions or would like to go over a plan of study please contact the CS Advisor, Andrea Negro (