Dr. Spiros Mancoridis Appointed Interim Department Head

July 10, 2012 — Dr. Spiros Mancoridis, professor of computer science, has been named Interim Department Head for the 2012-13 academic year, succeeding Dr. Jeremy Johnson, professor of computer science, after 10 years of dedicated service and inspirational leadership. Dr. Johnson will return full time to teaching and research.

“I have enjoyed working with so many wonderful people and interacting with so many fabulous students and alumni,” Dr. Johnson said. “I am confident that the department will continue to move forward under the new leadership of Dr. Mancoridis.”

Dr. Mancoridis joined the Drexel faculty in 1996 after receiving his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. His research interests and expertise include autonomic computing, software design and architecture, reverse engineering, software security, and software engineering education. In 2002, he was named Director of Software Engineering Programs and was promoted to tenured full Professor in 2007. Dr. Mancoridis is the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s 1998 CAREER Award and was recognized with an Outstanding Researcher Award from Drexel’s College of Engineering in 2008. Dr. Mancoridis has served his research community in many capacities, most notably he was the Program co-chair of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) in 2005 and the General Chair of the International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM) in 2006.

Following Dr. Johnson’s announcement, Dr. Jeff Popyack, associate professor of computer science, has stepped down as Associate Department Head of Undergraduate Affairs after 10 years of service to return full time to teaching and research. Under his term, the undergraduate programs have flourished in an increase of enrollment and positive feedback from students and alumni.

Completing the transition of CS Department leadership, Dr. Mancoridis appointed two faculty members as Associate Department Heads. Dr. Dario Salvucci, professor of computer science, is the Associate Department Head for Academic Affairs and will oversee all of the undergraduate and graduate education programs. Dr. Ali Shokoufandeh, professor of computer science, is the Associate Department Head of Research, a position that has been created in an effort to improve the support of all research-related activities in the department.

“Dr. Johnson and Dr. Popyack deserve our gratitude for their excellent service over the last 10 years,” Dr. Mancoridis said. “I am very fortunate to have Dr. Salvucci and Dr. Shokoufandeh to help me in my new role. Both have an outstanding track record in research productivity and teaching while being among the most active participants in departmental affairs. Moving ahead, I look forward to growing the size of the Computer Science faculty, which will support our undergraduate and graduate programs and strengthen our commitment to excellence in research and scholarship.”

The CS Department extends a warm welcome to Drs. Mancoridis, Salvucci and Shokoufandeh and sincere gratitude to Drs. Johnson and Popyack for their 10 years of outstanding service.