Outstanding Research Award

Each year the College of Engineering recognizes an outstanding undergraduate and graduate student from each department for their research contributions. These students are selected based on the quality of their research (typically they will have multiple publications in peer reviewed conferences and journals) and their potential to become leaders in their field.

Undergraduate Award Winners

  • 2011-12: Andrew McDonald (advisor Dr. Rachel Greenstadt), “Use Fewer Instances of the Letter “i”, Toward Writing Style Anonymization”
  • 2010: Aaron Rosenfeld (advisor Dr. Bill Regli), “State Consistency in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks”
  • 2009: Thomas Wambold (advisor Dr. Bill Regli), “Routing and Messaging in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks”
  • 2008: Tim Chagnon (advisor Dr. Jeremy Johnson), “Sparse LU Decomposition Using FPGA”
  • 2007: Iris Howley (advisor Dr. Bill Regli), “Semantic Web Services and Rule Based Systems”
  • 2006: David Turner (advisor Dr. Vassilis Prevelakis), “Networking and Network Security”
  • 2005: John Novatnack (advisors Drs. Ali Shokoufandeh and Ko Nishino), “Computer Vision and Computer Graphics”
  • 2004: Evan Sultanik (advisors Drs. William Regli and Moshe Kam), “Information Agents on Mobile Adhoc Wireless Networks”
  • 2003: Dmitriy Bespalov (advisors Drs. William Regli and Ali Shokoufandeh), “Scale-Space Analysis and Matching of Solid Models”
  • 2002: Cheuk Yiu Ip (advisor Dr. William Regli), “Automatic Classification of CAD Models”

Graduate Award Winners

  • 2011-12: Louis Kratz (advisor Dr. Ko Nishino), “Visual Analysis of Videos of Crowded Scenes”
  • 2010: Manolya Eyiyurekli McCormick (advisor Dr. David Breen), “Multiresolution Level-Set Surface Editing”
  • 2009: Evan Sultanik (advisors Drs. Bill Regli and Ali Shokoufandeh), “Optimizing and Organizing of Complex Distributed Systems”
  • 2008: Sunny Wong (advisor Dr. Yuanfang Cai), “Software Architecture and Modularity Analysis”
  • 2007: Jay Kothari (advisor Dr. Spiros Mancoridis), “Algorithms for Feature-based Characterization of Software”
  • 2006: Leet Denton (advisor Dr. Ali Shokoufandeh), “Combinatorial Optimization Methods for Feature Selection and their Applications in Pattern Recognition
  • 2005: Maher Saleh (advisor Dr. Spiros Mancoridis), “Software Engineering - An Environment for Comprehending the Behavior of Software Systems”
  • 2004: Yelena Kushleyeva (advisors Drs. Dario Salvucci and Frank Lee), “Computational Modeling of Human Cognition and Behavior”
  • 2003: Muhammed Fatih Demirci (advisor Dr. Ali Shokoufandeh), “Structural Pattern Matching and Object Recognition”
  • 2002: Anthony Breitzman (advisor Dr. Jeremy Johnson), “Automatic Derivation and Implementation of Fast Convolution Algorithms”