Content Developer for Texture Press

Project #: 91
Name: Valerie Fox (; 609-406-9196)
Department: English & Philosophy
Academic Area: English, Interdisciplinary Artistic Collaborations

Title: Content Developer for Texture Press

The projected research combines traditional and non-traditional research practice. The overall purpose of the research is to develop and improve content for the Texture Press website, as well as to produce writings of excellent quality, suitable for in-house use (or beyond) on behalf of Texture Press. / / The researcher will compile annotated bibliographies based on two of three possible themes.This content will make a major contribution to Texture Press authors, and others as well (teachers, students, curious readers). / / This research project also involves reviewing and updating resources currently available on the Texture Press website. / / Finally, in addition to contributing original writing to the website (for which the student will be acknowledged), they will have the chance to write reviews of small press books and participate in publicity endeavors with Texture Press. Student will be guided by faculty advisor (associate editor at Texture), however, they may also work with other Texture editors and authors. / / Projected Themes for Educational Content/Resources for Website: / / Flash Fiction: Teaching in Various Settings / Books, presses, and articles pertinent to both teaching and practicing flash will be found and reviewed. For our purposes, flash will mainly concern stories under 1200 words. The website resource will consist of an annotated bibliography. / / Architectonic Fiction: Critical Views / Books, presses, and articles will be found and reviewed. The resource should examine or pertain to mostly recent fiction, though articles or works discussing precursor works will be included to some extent. The website resource will consist of an annotated bibliography. / / Collaborative Spaces for Art and Word / Books, presses, and articles concerning notable collaborators and collaborations with a focus on the connections between visual arts and literary arts will be reviewed. The website resource will consist of an annotated bibliography. / / Students will begin with traditional research into these topics and styles. Following this foundational research, they will gather information on online resources and organize that material in a way that is compatible with the present design and presentation of the website / / / More About Texture Press: / / Currently Texture publishes several volumes each year. Authors and contributors include Rochelle Owens, Rose Hunter, Lynn Levin, L.S. Bassen, Arlene Ang, John Bennett, Karl Young, Renee Ferrer, Susy Delgado, Luisa Moreno, Buck Downs, Jack Foley, and many more. Texture publishes literary fiction, plays, and poetry. Texture is the English language publisher of notable Slovenian author Evald Flisar and of other works by Slovenian authors, as well as anthologies of Slovenian literature. / / Texture Press, founded by Susan Smith Nash, began publishing chapbooks, broadsides, and photography in 1989. Many are now in the small press and special collections of universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Brown University, Stanford University, SUNY-Buffalo, University of Connecticut-Storrs, Harry Ransom Library (University of Texas-Austin), and Ohio University. / / The primary vision of Texture Press is to increase international cultural literacy through literature and education. The work of the Humanities Fellow will have a direct impact on this primary vision by providing educational content and participating in outreach efforts.

Associated Independent Study:
An ideal independent study project would be a portfolio of excellent writings connected to the work and the chosen annotated bibliography themes. Ideally, the student will demonstrate writing in different styles and demonstrating knowledge of critical perspectives connected to their theme. / / Whether or not the work in the portfolio would be primarily critical, creative, etc., is open to discussion and could vary depending on the student's preferences and goals.

Gained Experience:
The student will gain in-depth knowledge in two thematic areas. They will share this knowledge in a form that will benefit writers, students, and teachers. They will have the chance to work with editors and authors at Texture Press in the writing and compilation of web content, reviews, and/or press-kits. They will be acknowledged for their contributions by Texture. / / Their own research project and writing may be connected to an independent study. The theme/title of that independent study will be determined with the student's interests in mind.

Substantial web-content will be developed. Reviews, summaries, letters, and other press-kit content will be written. A "handbook" for Texture authors may be written. Currently available Texture website resources will be updated.

Students will conduct research (both traditional and non-traditional) of their topics and write content for Texture website. / / Students will participate in writing of reviews and activities generating reviews and other author services. / / This is a possible overview: / / Weeks 1-2 Conduct research and write draft of Annotated Bibliography on Topic 1. / Items: 6-8 / Discuss draft with faculty advisor. Discuss process. Organize time-frame for completion of writings. / / Weeks 3-4 Complete Annotated Bibliography on Topic 1. / Items: 10+ / Include brief introduction (mini-essay) giving overview of purpose of Annotated Bibliography. / Include summary of process. / / Weeks 5-6 Complete reviews and other writings for Texture Press website. / Discuss writings with faculty advisor. / / Weeks 7-8 Compile writings connected to Topic 2; may also continue weeks 5-6 writing and research. / Discuss all writings with faculty advisor. / Write progress report. / / Weeks 9-10 / Complete any unfinished writings (including annotated bibliographies, updates of present Texture resources, reviews and press-kit materials). / Discuss writings with faculty advisor.

The ideal place will be Drexel libraries or facilities. / Given the independent nature of this work, it would be acceptable for students to do some research elsewhere, including, for instance, at a non-Drexel library.

I will be available to meet with student, as needed, on weekdays. / / I am out of town the last two weeks of our summer quarter. Therefore, the final project for independent study and other final deliverables should be in process by that point.

Interview Availability:
April 29, 2015