Humanities Fellowship Projects

This page provides information on the Humanities Fellowship projects currently available. The page is typically updated by mid-February of the current academic year.


The Humanities Fellowship Program is for undergraduate students in humanities and social sciences programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Fellowship is designed to encourage research in these areas and to offer paid opportunities, which are often unavailable in the humanities. Applicants must be in their sophomore year or later.

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Please click on the project title for an extensive description of each project. Be sure to read the full project descriptions carefully. Your application will be judged by how well you understand the project and how well you demonstrate your suitability.

Eligible students may apply for up to three of the projects. However, if applying for multiple projects, please rank them in order of preference.

The application deadline is April 14, 2014. Finalists will be interviewed by the faculty member sponsoring the project. Winners will be announced May 9, 2014. For conditions of application, and terms of the fellowship, see the application form.

If you have any questions, please contact the program director, Eva Thury, PhD at:

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2013-2014 Projects

Project First Name Last Name Department Project Title
13 Kathleen Volk Miller English and Philosophy Painted Bride Quarterly: Visual Representation of the History of the Literary Magazine
14 Mimi Sheller Culture and Communication Imagine Trains: The imaginary of Trains and Rail Transport in the United States
15 Reese Heitner English Language Center Ancient English for New Speakers: A Teacher's Guide to Understanding and Explaining the Hidden Historical Principles of Modern English to Non-Native Learners
23 Lawrence Souder Culture and Communication Trash Talk: A Review of the Research on Communications for Municipal Hygiene
28 Dan Mirman Psychology Individual differences in spoken word comprehension
29 Richard Astro English and Philosophy Baseball: The Dominican Experience in history, film, literature and life
34 Alan Soble English and Philosophy The Philosophy of Love and Sex
42 Naomi Goldstein Psychology Promoting Juveniles' Capacities to Successfully Complete Probation: Reforming and Evaluating Philadelphia's Juvenile Probation System
61 Kathryn Steen History and Politics Mapping the History of Mantua
74 Asta Zelenkauskaite Culture and Communication Social media and its impact on television
77 Dan
English and Philosophy What does academic writing at Drexel really look like?
79 Peter Amato English and Philosophy Can Virtue be Taught?
89 Alison Kenner History and Politics Asthmatic Spaces: An Analysis of How Infrastructure Conditions Health
95 Scott Knowles History and Politics The United States of Disaster