CoAS Honors Day Winners

May 27, 2010 — The College of Arts and Sciences’ Honors Day took place on May 27, 2010 in Main Auditorium. This annual event honors the academic achievements of students in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, encouraging their continued hard work and success, and promoting future young researchers and top graduates. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the College, awards are given not only to CoAS students, but to students across the university as well. Over 145 students were recognized this year for their accomplishments in fields ranging from physics and environmental science to anthropology and Judaic studies. Outstanding seniors and freshmen earning 4.0s were also acknowledged.

Dean Murasko and the entire College of Arts and Sciences community join in congratulating the honorees of CoAS Honors Day 2010!


William J. Burley Award
Awarded in memory of Dr. J. William A. Burley's father, William J. Burley. Presented to a major in biological science who has achieved academic excellence as determined by performance in the liberal arts.

Tara Piech

The Alan M. Hoberman Endowed Scholarship
To provide financial assistance in the form of scholarship awards to students in the department of Biology based on academic merit.

Michelle Brugger
Cory Rohlfsen
William Transue

Mary K. Howett Memorial Scholarship in Biology
To provide financial support for senior Biology majors and to encourage women in the sciences interested in pursuing graduate school in the life or medical sciences.

Deborah Silverman

Marsh Scholars Award
Named in honor of Lt. Col. Kathryn Marsh, an advocate for dietetics education and a 1926 graduate of Drexel, and presented to outstanding students who have indicated an interest in a career in dietetics.

Kristen Domenick
David Gilio
Caroline Lazur
Christina Mackain
Emily Simaitis
Colleen Vicente

W. R. Nes Memorial Scholarship
Presented in memory of Dr. William Robert Nes, a faculty member in the Department of Biology.

Alina Burek
Samantha Campos Taisa Kohut


American Chemical Society, Philadelphia Section
Awarded annually to a chemistry major holding a strong GPA.

Sarah Shim

American Institute of Chemists Award
Certificate presented in recognition of the student's demonstrated record of ability, indication of leadership, and professional promise.

Sarrina Shraga

Dr. Robert O. Hutchins Endowed Chemistry Prize
This prize is funded by an endowment from alumni, Dr. Robert E. Zipkin and Dr. Ira M. Taffer, and Professor Robert Hutchins, who was a member of the Chemistry Department from 1968 to 2008 and mentored 16 Ph.D. students, 20 masters students, and 33 undergraduate students. Presented to a student majoring in chemistry and actively involved in a research project at Drexel University.

Daniel Verbaro

Alexander V. Kornilew Award
Presented in memory of Dr. Alexander V. Kornilew, a noted Ukrainian geologist, to an upper-division student in the Department of Chemistry who has conducted unusual fundamental research at Drexel.

Sarah Shim

Bruce and Cynthia Maryanoff Prize
Presented to an outstanding junior or pre-junior majoring in chemistry in recognition of academic achievement.

Shannon Oseback

Merck Index Award
Presented to a student participating in undergraduate research in recognition of excellence.

Jennifer Chen

CRC Handbook Award
Presented in recognition of excellence to a student participating in undergraduate research.

Debra Hutt


The Honorable William F. Hall, Jr. Award
Given in memory of the Honorable William F. Hall, Jr. to a Criminal Justice major who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and service to the community.

Angelica Evans

Arthur B. Shostak Award
To provide assistance to a senior sociology major who has demonstrated outstanding creativity in sociology course work.

Leah Hoskins

Howard Jacob Ridgway, Jr. Award
Named after the late Howard Jacob Ridgway, Jr. for academic excellence in Sociology. Presented to a Junior sociology major continuing their education at Drexel, holding a minimum GPA of 3.5 and who displayed some civic engagement accomplishment or was involved in sociological academic achievement of note.

Courtney Brown Dentremont

Senior Community Service Award
Given in recognition of participation in the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) community service.

Communication Majors :
Molly Brackin
Frances DeFranco
Nancy Lan
Conor Rooney
Michael Stumpo


Literature Essay Prize
Presented to a student for excellence in writing in a literature elective.

Jason Smith
"Principles of Leadership in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part One"
(Jason's Major and College: Software Engineering, College of Engineering)

Ralph Most Memorial Scholarship
Presented to a freshman major in the English and Philosophy Department who has demonstrated excellence in the study of the humanities as indicated by written expression and classroom performance.

James M. Crymes
Danielle C. Goddard


A. William Salomone Scholarship for Outstanding History & Politics majors

Ian E. Charlton
Madison E. Eggert-Crowe
Angela M. Petro
Lucas C. Quagliata
Stephen M. Richmond

The Robert B. and Joyce W. Asher Endowed Scholarship
For students enrolled in the Department of History & Politics from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Alexandra Allen
Christopher Beck
Emily D. Clauna
Madison E. Eggert-Crowe
Edward J. McKee
Angela M. Petro
Amanda E. Zellner

Raymond M. Lorantas Scholarship in World History
Presented in honor of this former faculty member to an outstanding undergraduate, based on academic performance, an interest in world history including Chinese or Japanese history, and a submitted paper on World History.

Craig Ware


Excellence in Foreign Language Study

Abigail Cessna (Chinese)
Christopher Herwig (Spanish)

The Gott Endowment for the Vivien M. Thweatt International Scholarship Award
Presented annually to an International Area Studies major who plans to enroll in an international study or internship program or who wishes to accept a cooperative education position abroad or to undertake a project on an international level in connection with the major.

Elias Okwara (Brussels)
Alexander Leitzel (Russia)

International Area Studies International Student Award
Presented in recognition of the outstanding achievement of an international student who has fulfilled, with distinction and in a second language, the curricular requirements of the International Area Studies Program.

Zoha Ahmed

A. William Salomone Award for Italian Studies
The A. William Salomone Award for Italian Studies is awarded annually to a student in International Area Studies or History-Politics who has an outstanding record in Italian Studies at the University.

Kelsey Rowe

Salomone Endowed Award for International Studies
To undergraduate students majoring in International Area Studies holding a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Caitlin Costello
Stephaine Nguyen

International Area Studies Freshman Summer Experience Award
The International Area Studies Freshmen Summer Experience Award provides funding and support for a specific project, proposed by a first-year student in this major, related to the field of International Studies.

James Dobrowolski


Robert J. Bickel Endowed Scholarship Fund
Presented in honor of Robert J. Bickel who was a member of the Mathematics Department from 1946 to 1987.

Valerie T. Banas
Elizabeth Lilley

Harry E. Muchnic Scholarship
Presented to upper-division students in computer science, mathematics, and science who are outstanding in academic performance, leadership, and industry performance.

Sean Ballentine
Binoy Bhatt
Huey Wong
Alexander Youcis

Frank H. M. Williams Prize in Mathematics
Presented annually in recognition of academic achievement in mathematics.

Erin Hamalainen


Henry S. C. Chen Memorial Award for Physics
Presented in memory of Henry S. C. Chen who was a member of the Physics Faculty from 1949 to 1975.

Sajjan Mehta

Walter R. Coley Award
Presented to outstanding freshmen and senior physics majors who have achieved academic excellence.

Eric Carchidi
Vede Ramdass

Susan and Donald Larson Endowed Scholarship Award
Presented to an outstanding female or international student in Physics with an interest in experimental science.

Pubudu Galwaduge

Lorenzo M. Narducci Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is used to provide financial support, in the form of scholarship awards, to outstanding undergraduate students at Drexel University who show initiative and enthusiasm in the study of Physics, and demonstrated academic achievement in Physics research at the College of Arts and Sciences.

Amanda White

M. Russell Wehr Physics Award
Presented to physics majors who show promise or potential for teaching or for advanced work in the history of science.

Wendy Harris
Didier Ndengeyintwali
Ryan Wasson


Jeanne D. Brugger Award for the Outstanding Junior Psychology Major
Presented annually in recognition of excellence in the study of psychology.

Breann Erford

Dr. Roland E. Johnston Scholarship
Awarded to a student in the Psychology Department who demonstrates overall excellence.

Roseann Archetti
Jeletta Jose

The Doreen Steg Memorial Award
For a Psychology major who demonstrates academic excellence and service to the field.

Steven Yeung
Heather Schwartz

The Sara Taubin Memorial Award 
Awarded to a Psychology major who demonstrates both academic excellence and exceptional enthusiasm for the field.

David Melnikoff

The Psychology Senior Research Award

Stephanie Vass
"Assessment of School Intervention for School-Aged Children with Sickle Cell Disease"

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
Presented to a Psychology senior who has exemplary performance in research, academics, and service to the department.

Amy Brammell


Josephine and Julius Cohen Award in Judaic Studies
Presented to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Judaic Studies Program.

Elana DiCristo (Business Administration Major)
Jonathan Gevaryahu (Computer Engineering Major)
Evonne D. Turner-Byfield (Anthropology Major)

The Gary and Marla Colton Endowed Scholarship
Presented to a College of Arts and Sciences student who demonstrates academic excellence and participates in Drexel's wrestling program.

Kevin Matyas

The Jamie B. Fields '88 Memorial Endowed Scholarshp
Presented to pre-law junior or senior students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences who maintain a grade point average of 3.2 or above.

Sarah Wyatt, Anthropology major

General Electric College Bowl Award
Presented to students majoring in humanities and social science disciplines in recognition of academic excellence.

Jessica Apgar
Iuliana Balascuta
Lauren E. Boyle
Abraham Brown
Stephanie Goldstein
Lillian Mead
Veronica Palomar
Matt J. Scheuermann
Rachel A. Semigran

The George and Vasiliki Harris Endowed Scholarship Fund in Greek Studies
Presented to outstanding students enrolled in the Greek Studies Program.

Julia Angelos (Business Major)
Madison Shelton (Anthropology Major)
Clayton Thompson (English Major)

The Lambros G. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by the family in memory of Mr. Johnson who received his Ph.D. from Drexel University in 1976.

Kaleb Politis

Leboutillier Family Scholarship
Established to provide financial assistance to deserving students studying Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Nancy Lan

Martha Montgomery Award for Excellence in Women's Studies
This Award for the best student work in Women's Studies in the last year is given in memory of Dr. Martha Montgomery, a leader in championing women's academic and professional status at Drexel.

Alison Grant
"Equalizing Opportunities for Different Anatomies: The Inequality of Reproduction"

Africana Studies VP Franklin Award
Named for one of the founders of the Africana Studies Program at Drexel University, the VP Franklin award recognizes the best essay that highlights critical issues within Africana Studies and the African Diaspora.

Laura McDavid
"Linguistic warfare: Creating Identity from Words"

Benjamin J. Rothberg Memorial Fund Award
Presented to students majoring in humanities or the social sciences in memory of Benjamin J. Rothberg for his dedicated service in the Department of Humanities and Communications.

Grace Ahmed
Warren Basla
Michael B. Harris-Peyton
Aimee Hildenbrand
Veronica Palomar

The Dr. Richard and Professor Dorothy Sasin Endowed Scholarship Fund for Students of Math and Chemistry 
This scholarship is awarded to a freshman or sophomore majoring in math or chemistry.

Jessica Hunter

Betty & Seymour Solomon and Rita & Nathan Goldberg Endowed Scholarship

Presented to a non-traditional undergraduate Arts and Science student supporting a son or daughter.

Kim Williams


Amanda D. Atkins Sociology
Frances DeFranco Communication
Nicole Jameson Psychology
Binoy Bhatt Mathematics
Lillian Mead Criminal Justice
Aaron Moyer History
Angela Petro Political Science
Vede Ramdass Physics 
Rachel A. Semigran English
Sarrina Shraga Chemistry
Clarissa Todd International Area Studies
Evonne Turner-Byfield Anthropology
Colleen Vicente Nutrition
Katelyn Walsh Environmental Science


Richard Amara (GPA 4.0) Biology
Christopher Beck History
Lauren E. Boyle English
Alina Burek (GPA 4.0) Biology
Maureen Chomko Nutrition
Caitlin Costello International Area Studies
Madison E. Eggert-Crowe Political Science
Pubudu Galwaduge Physics
Leah Hoskins Sociology
Ian Johnston Mathematics
Taisa Kohut (GPA 4.0) Biology
Nancy Lan Communication
Avalon Mehta Environmental Science
David Melnikoff Psychology
Kelsey Reynolds Urban Environmental Studies
Sarah Shim Chemistry
Twyanette Wallace Criminal Justice
Sarah Wyatt Anthropology