Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Jay Meyers

Jay H. Meyers
(BS Mathematics, 1973)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Broadcast Management and Technology, LLC

Jay H. Meyers received his BS in Mathematics from Drexel University in 1973. It was here that he began his radio career and helped to start the radio station WKDU. From disc jockey to award-winning program director, and eventually, head of many radio groups, he has made an impact on more than 800 radio stations in more than 150 cities across the U.S.

He was President/COO of Sherman Broadcasting Corp, and held prominent positions with Greater Media, Lin Broadcasting, Lincoln Group, Atlantic Ventures, and Command Communications. As President and CEO of Jay Meyers and Associates, he advised Bear Stearns on the 1996 purchase of ABC by Disney. For some 10 years, Mr. Meyers was Senior Vice President of Jacor Communications and its successor Clear Channel Communications. He founded Cavalry Media Services, a leading consulting and management firm, and is now President and CEO of Broadcast Management and Technology, LLC. Gerson Lehrman Group, a service used by analysts and investors, recently acknowledged Mr. Meyers as one of their most requested advisors in the media, broadcast and advertising fields.

Mr. Meyers serves on the Board of 3Cinteractive and advises e360Live. He is also CEO of Adelante Media Group, LLC, a leading Spanish radio and television broadcasting company, COO of Horizon Broadcasting of Florida, and COO of Radioactive. This year he has been the Trustee for Regent Broadcasting and currently operates the Fort Collins/Lafayette Divestiture Trust.