CoAS Welcomes New Faculty

By Jacob Harte
Photos by Imani Nia Rutledge

October 5, 2010 — This year, with a growing student body, the College of Arts and Sciences (CoAS) is thrilled to welcome six new faculty members:

George Ciccariello-MaherDr. George Ciccariello-Maher, new assistant professor in the Department of History and Politics, received a B.A. with honors in government and economics from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, a M.S. in social and political sciences through the Davies-Jackson Fellowship Program at Cambridge University and his Ph.D. in political science at UC Berkeley in May 2010.

Ciccariello-Maher is excited to continue his research at Drexel, noting the ways in which students can contribute to his research, and the opportunity to enhance his capacities as a “critical educator.”

“I see students as far more than empty vessels to be filled with predetermined knowledge, but instead as individuals capable of processing, filtering, and challenging received teachings in a way that pushes my own research even further,” said Ciccariello-Maher.

He explained that “CoAS seemed like a natural fit,” as he believes his research is located at the intersection of academia and real-world politics.

“I look forward to both teaching and learning from students who have engaged with their surroundings through the co-op program.”

Ciccariello-Maher’s research focuses on political theory and Latin American politics. Specifically, he studies radical political theories of race and colonization in conjunction with Latin American social movements that put those theories to the test. Currently, he is completing a book titled We Created Him, which looks at the history of revolutionary movements in Venezuela.

Patrick ClarkeDr. Patrick Clarke, new assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, received his B.A. in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania, and his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Miami. In the spring of 2007, he was a Clay Mathematics Institute Graduate Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study and was a visiting professor at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (France). From 2007-2010, he was also the NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Penn.

Clarke said he “was drawn to the energy and camaraderie of the mathematics department [at Drexel],” and the perks of a vibrant academic community.

His research interests include an area of mathematical string theory called mirror symmetry. Clarke aims to find a new approach to study the foundations of mirror symmetry for Landau-Ginzburg models, which he hopes “will fundamentally change and clarify many aspects of mathematical mirror symmetry.” As a new CoAS faculty member, Clarke said he plans to “equip (his) students with mathematical tools that will be useful in their future careers and in life.”

Brian P. DalyDr. Brian P. Daly joins the Department of Psychology as an assistant professor. Daly received his B.A. in psychology from Boston College, his M.A. in general psychology from Boston University, an M.A. in counseling psychology from Boston College, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Loyola University Chicago.

Daly hopes to “develop an exciting area of research in the burgeoning field of pediatric psychology,” as much of his research focuses on investigating psychosocial issues and evidence-based interventions for children with chronic illness. Daly’s other interests include the development, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based behavioral interventions for underserved urban youth, and the evaluation of school mental health promotion programs.

Both the College and the psychology department expect their professors to contribute to the education of students through teaching and mentorship while developing exciting areas of research, and Daly couldn’t agree more with this philosophy. In fact, it was one of the reasons why he chose to come to Drexel.

“CoAS has a superb reputation for making significant advances and contributions to scholarship and teaching. The vibrancy of the students, faculty, and administration in the College was a big draw, and I hope to join my colleagues in making Drexel such an exciting and sought-after university.”

Dr. Simon FoucartDr. Simon Foucart, who joins the Department of Mathematics as an assistant professor, received his B.A. in mathematics from the University of Paris 6, his M.A. in engineering from the Ecole Centrale Paris, and both his M.A. and Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Foucart, who was born in France, has studied and held positions all over the world. He chose Drexel’s mathematics department as his next scholarly adventure “because of its focus on applied analysis, gathering different areas of expertise yet aiming at common goals with a similar vision.”

Foucart’s research interests include approximation theory, an already established field here at CoAS, and the maturing field of compressive sensing, which he intends to make the focus of a new graduate course.

Goran KarapetrovDr. Goran Karapetrov, visiting research professor, will be joining the Department of Physics in the upcoming winter term. He received his B.A. in physics from Moscow State University in Russia, and his Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from Oregon State University in Corvallis.

After being a staff physicist at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago since 2000, Karapetrov has decided to come to Drexel because of the many opportunities to establish interdisciplinary projects among departments within the College.

His research interests are in the area of new materials for energy applications and once at Drexel, he would like to create an interdisciplinary program in nanoscale materials research that is focused on scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy and electron microscopy techniques.

Karapetrov intends for the research program to be designed for both graduate and undergraduate students, hoping to stimulate peer learning and instill in students a broad educational background. In his experience, crossing fields of study is “one of the ways [for students] to develop a good intuition for new discoveries.”

Andrew SmithDr. Andrew Smith, new assistant professor in the Department of English and Philosophy, received his B.A. in philosophy from Muhlenberg College and his Ph.D. in philosophy from Stony Brook University.

Smith’s research interests are in ethics, as well as in social and political philosophy. At Drexel, he looks forward to “bolstering the philosophy major [and] intend[s] to maintain a strong research agenda in order to further burnish Drexel's good standing in the national philosophical community.”

Currently, Smith is finishing a book in which he offers a "’moral theory of political engagement,’ or (in less jargony terms), an argument for what can motivate citizens to work through political differences in a civil and productive way.”

Jacob Harte graduated in June of 2010 with a B.A. in English.

Imani Nia Rutledge graduated in June of 2011 with a M.P.H. in Public Health, concentrating on Community Health and Prevention.