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Tickets Now Available: CoAS Distinguished Lecture with Candy Chang

March 24, 2015
Candy Chang - Wall Mural

On April 30, 2015, Drexel University's College of Arts and Sciences will welcome Candy Chang as the fifth lecturer in College's annual Distinguished Lecture Series. Chang joins acclaimed author Sir Salman Rushdie, media maven Arianna Huffington, neuroscientist David Eagleman and religion scholar and...

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Turning "Us" and "Them" into "We" Again: Former UN Ambassador to Discuss American Community

March 19, 2015
Ambassador (Ret.) Joseph M. Torsella - Lecture at The National Constitution Center

“We the People” are three of the most important words in our political history as Americans – and, arguably, in all of political history. But the American “We” is becoming increasingly fragmented and frayed....

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Elevated Childhood Weight May Increase Susceptibility to Eating Disorders

March 09, 2015
Eating Research

What causes people to develop eating disorders? This question has been a source of research and debate for many years. Research has consistently supported the view that disordered eating stems from some combination of psychological factors, such as low self-esteem and concern about looks, and social...

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#BlackLivesMatter Panel Explores Black Community and Police Violence

February 24, 2015
#BlackLivesMatter - Panelist Lallen Johnson

While presenting his research at the #BlackLivesMatter panel discussion on race and police violence Friday night, Drexel Professor André Carrington, PhD, posed a series of rhetorical, sobering questions....

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Five Things to Know about the Role of 'Place' in Asthma Research

February 24, 2015
Asthma Inhaler

A recent study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology claims that the long-held belief that asthma is more common in urban areas is not accurate....

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Movies and Mental Health: Did This Year’s Oscar-Winning Films Portray Brain Disorders Accurately?

February 23, 2015
The Imitation Game - Poster

Actress Julianne Moore won an Oscar for her starring role in the drama "Still Alice" at the 87th Academy Awards last night, but did the movie accurately depict early-onset dementia? Actor Eddie Redmayne also received one of the coveted gold statues, but was his portrayal of Stephen Hawking's neurolo...

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What Stories Do You Have to Tell? Drexel’s New Storylab Can Help

February 23, 2015
Storylab graphic

Everyone has a story to tell, but getting started can be the hardest part. The Drexel Storylab, a new initiative in Drexel University's College of Arts and Sciences' Department of English & Philosophy, aims to help writers of all levels jumpstart the creative process by working with established writ...

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#BlackLivesMatter Panel Discussion at Drexel during Black History Month

February 19, 2015
Protestors carrying placards at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in New York City in Nov. 2014.

During Black History Month, a roundtable discussion will be held at Drexel University on Friday, Feb. 20 from 6 – 8 p.m. to examine police violence against African Americans, the criminal justice system and community responses....

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Head to Head: NBC, Brian Williams and the Future of Journalism

February 19, 2015
Brian Williams Baghdad

NBC Nightly News recently suspended anchor Brian Williams for six months after an investigation, spurred by a story in Stars & Stripes, revealed that his account of being in a military helicopter that was forced down by enemy fire while reporting in Iraq in 2003 was inaccurate....

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Drexel’s New Anthropology Department Celebrates National Anthropology Day

February 18, 2015
American Anthropological Association

The American Anthropological Association is celebrating anthropology and anthropologists across the world through the declaration of National Anthropology Day....

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Drexel Society of Physics Students Wins Research and Outreach Awards

February 17, 2015
Drexel SPS

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) received a $2,000 research award from the American Institute of Physics for their project Cosmic-Ray Induced Bit-Flipping Experiment (CRIBFLEX). The group...

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Ciao! IAS Student Selected to Represent U.S. at World's Fair in Milan

February 04, 2015
Rebecca Olsho -IAS Student

Rebecca Olsho is one pre-junior international areas studies student about to make a big impact on the world stage. Having already visited Guatemala and Chile on study abroad, and presented research in Greece through the STAR Scholars program, Rebecca is now packing her bags for a co-op in Milan, Ita...

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New Spring Courses

February 03, 2015
New Courses

From courses in prison, to discussions on animal rights and the nuances of memory, our spring course lineup offers something for everyone....

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Meet History Prof Debjani Bhattacharyya

February 02, 2015
Debjani Bhattacharya, PhD

Debjani Bhattacharyya, PhD, joins us from Atlanta as an assistant professor in the Department of History and Politics. In this Q&A, she talks about the unique jobs she had before becoming a professor, and the experience that literally took her breath away....

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Student Job Opportunities

January 30, 2015
Job Opportunities

Saving up for a spring break vacation? Apply for a job with the College of Arts and Science or the Departments of Mathematics or Physics!...

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Studies of Africa's Most Endangered Chimpanzees Show Complex Evolutionary Past, Perilous Future

January 21, 2015

In central Cameroon, two different subspecies of chimpanzees live on opposite banks of the Sanaga River, the only instance of two different chimp subspecies living in the wild in a single country. The area is roughly at the geographic center of the range for all four known subspecies of these great ...

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New Drexel Course on Affluenza and Consumer Culture is Open to the Public

January 16, 2015
Consumerism Drexel Now

As the dust settles after the chaos of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at America's consumer culture, including ‘affluenza,’ the so-called epidemic of overconsumption....

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A Year of Finding New Life on This Planet

January 06, 2015
Heterangaeus mongolica photo by Jason Weintraub

In most year-in-review posts, the Drexel News Blog takes the opportunity to reflect on experiences and stories, both local and global, that they took note of over the past 12 months. But this one is about new finds that you might not have heard about - and it's remarkable how unremarked such things ...

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Meet BEES Prof Jason Weckstein

January 06, 2015
Jason Weckstein, PhD

Bird buff Jason Weckstein, PhD, joined the College this fall as an associate professor in the BEES department, and as an associate curator of ornithology for the Academy of Natural Sciences. In this Q&A, the Detroiter-turned-Philadelphian talks about his favorite part of being a professor and the bo...

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Meet Your USGA Rep

January 06, 2015
USGA CoAS Rep - Akshay Koottala

As the College’s rep for the Undergraduate Student Government Association, Akshay Koottala hopes to improve communication between Drexel’s administration and student body. His first task at hand? Organizing a town hall meeting with Dean Murasko and CoAS faculty members where students can voice their...

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STAR Scholar Tackles the UN with Prof Erin Graham

January 06, 2015
STAR Program

Last year, Nidhi George, BA political science ’16, participated in the STAR (Students Tackling Advanced Research) Scholars Program and devoted her summer break to political science research under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Erin Graham, PhD....

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