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Ruth Patrick Memorial Symposium: Environmental Thinking from Roots to Revolution

April 21, 2014
Ruth Patrick, PhD

Join fellow scientists and environmental advocates for a free symposium on Tuesday, April 22. We will explore how Ruth Patrick, PhD, launched the field of Environmental Science, as well as her many contributions. Finally, we will take a close look at how her work has spurred the grand evolution of t...

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In Child Custody Disputes, LGBT Parents Face Bias in the Courts, New Drexel Review Finds

April 15, 2014
Image of child having to chose between two parents

Court decisions that favor a heterosexual parent over a gay or lesbian parent in a custody dispute often do not consider important social science research on parenting by gay and lesbian individuals, according to a new review from Drexel University....

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Drexel Professor Emeritus Thomas Hewett Receives 2014 SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award

April 10, 2014
Thomas Hewett

Thomas T. Hewett, PhD, professor emeritus of psychology and computer science at Drexel University, is the recipient of the 2014 SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award for his contributions to the growth and success of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer Human Inte...

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“Born to Explore” Episode Featuring Prof Ken Lacovara Wins Bronze Telly Award

April 10, 2014
Ken Lacovara in Grand Central Station looking at Fossils

In a November episode of ABC’s “Born to Explore,” Drexel paleontologist Ken Lacovara, PhD, joined TV host Richard Wiese on a quest for New York City’s fossil collections—but not where you’d expect. The pair traveled to well-known sites, including Grand Central Sta...

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Jeremy Gaison Named 2014 Goldwater Scholar and Matthew Parsons Recognized with Honorable Mention

April 09, 2014
Jeremy Gaison

Jeremy Gaison, physics and mathematics junior, has achieved national distinction as a recipient of the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. The Scholars were selected on the basis of academic merit from a field of 1,166 mathematics, science and engineering students who were nominated by the f...

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Best-Selling “Zealot” Author Reza Aslan to Speak at Drexel May 7

April 01, 2014
Zealot by Reza Aslan

Best-selling author and religion scholar Reza Aslan will join Drexel University on Wednesday, May 7 as the fourth lecturer in the College of Arts and Sciences' Distinguished Lecture Series. Previous lecturers in the series include neuroscientist David Eagleman, acclaimed author Sir Salman Rushdie an...

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Three-Day Community-Based Learning Workshop Open to All Faculty in June

March 31, 2014
CBL Workshops

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement will co-sponsor an intensive, three-day community-based learning workshop for full-time faculty this June. After completing the workshop, faculty will receive a $500 stipend and are expected to develop and teach a CBL course....

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New Courses for Summer

March 30, 2014
New Courses

Learn the ins and outs of urban farming, write a “Life Journal” for a hospice patient, or explore the funny—and often salacious—world of contemporary Brit Lit in these new courses....

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Register for PR/Marketing Case Competition Sponsored by Comcast Business

March 29, 2014
Comcast Built for Business Logo

Communications and marketing students are invited to work together to solve a business case during the Comcast Business PR/Marketing Case Competition held May 9, 2014 in Gerri C. LeBow Hall. The competition is a great opportunity to showcase your skills, work on a practical case with your peers and ...

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Grad Student's Online Treatment Opens New Possibilities for People With Social Anxiety

March 29, 2014
Illustration of person and monster trying to pull each other into a ravine with a rope

Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. But only one in five people who have the condition actually receive treatment for it. If you fear interaction with other people, then how do you build up the courage to call up a stranger on the phone and ask for help, let alon...

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Meet Entomologist and Professor Jon Gelhaus

March 27, 2014
Jon Gelhaus, PhD

Insect enthusiast Jon Gelhaus, PhD, talks about the travel perks of being a “bug guy,” his seasoned idols, and the one thing he thinks all students should know more about....

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Work Study Jobs Available

March 26, 2014
Job Opportunities

Did your spring break vacay leave you strapped for cash? Apply to one of these student jobs to replenish your funds!...

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Paleontologists Assemble Giant Turtle Bone from Fossil Discoveries Made Centuries Apart

March 25, 2014
The two partial limb fossils from the ancient sea turtle Atlantochelys mortoni

As soon as those two halves came together, like puzzle pieces, you knew it,” said Ted Daeschler, PhD, associate curator of vertebrate zoology and vice president for collections at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University....

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The People’s Politics in Venezuela: A Q&A With George Ciccariello-Maher

March 23, 2014
George Ciccariello-Maher, PhD

George Ciccariello-Maher, PhD, an assistant professor who specializes in social movements and political theory, recently returned from Cairo, Egypt and Amman, Jordan, where he spoke in commemoration of the year anniversary of Hugo Chávez’s death, as well as the 25th anniversary of a wave of major ri...

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Will the New 'Cosmos' Draw More People to Science? A Q&A With Dave Goldberg

March 18, 2014
David Goldberg, PhD

When astronomer Carl Sagan’s series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” first aired, it instilled a love of science in people like Dave Goldberg, PhD, a professor and director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Physics. Last week, famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson introduced an updated ver...

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Professor’s New Film on Black American WWII Soldiers Makes Philadelphia Debut at Drexel

March 13, 2014
African American soldiers in WWII

During World War II, more than a million African Americans fought in a segregated and discriminatory United States military. A landmark new documentary, "Choc'late Soldiers from the USA" produced by Drexel University writing professor Gregory Cooke, tells the compelling, previously untold story of 1...

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Jennifer Stanford, PhD, Selected as STIRS Scholar

March 10, 2014
Jennifer Stanford, PhD

Drexel biologist Jennifer Stanford, PhD, was one of 13 scholars nationwide to be selected as part of the first group of Scientific Thinking and Integrative Reasoning Skills Scholars by the Association of American Colleges and Universities....

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Why Are We Still Asking if Women Can ‘Have It All’?

March 05, 2014
Usha Menon, PhD

A recent issue of The New York Times Magazine featured a story on Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who is now running for governor. Splashed across the cover of the magazine was the question, “Can Wendy Davis Have It All?” The headline – and the article, which included a detailed examination of ...

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Psychology Undergrad Edits Memoir By Grammy Winner

March 05, 2014
Khushbu Patel

Last month we spoke with English prof Rachel Wenrick about her experience co-authoring "Spirit Rising: My Life, My Music" alongside Grammy Award-winning singer Angélique Kidjo. And while it was highly collaborative project between the writer and singer, Wenrick is the first to say they couldn...

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Deadly Protests in Ukraine: What’s Next for this Divided Country?

February 24, 2014
Remains of the Euromaidan Headquarters at the Trade Unions Building on Feb. 19, 2014

Escalating political violence reached a boiling point this week in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev as more than 75 people were killed and hundreds more seriously injured in clashes between protesters who are seeking the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych and security forces loyal to his government....

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2014 CoAS Research Days Winners

February 20, 2014
Research Days Logo 2014

Student scholars in the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences presented their research at the 14th annual College of Arts and Sciences Research Days on Monday, February 17 and Tuesday, February 18, 2014 in Behrakis Grand Hall. Over 125 students presented on topi...

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Drexel Awarded $1.45 Million UTeach Grant to Recruit, Train New Teachers in STEM Disciplines

February 18, 2014
Students working on computer through UTeach program

Drexel University has been selected to receive a $1.45 million grant from the National Math and Science Initiative to replicate the UTeach program, a secondary STEM teacher preparation initiative that is helping to address the nation's STEM education crisis by producing qualified math and science te...

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Meet One of History & Politics Newest Faculty Members

February 05, 2014
Allison Kenner, PhD

Hailing from Albany, NY, Ali Kenner, PhD, is a new assistant professor whose research focuses on Science, Technology and Society (STS). In this Q&A, Kenner talks about her role at the Cultural Anthropology journal and her new experiences since moving to Philly....

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Co-Authoring a Memoir With a Grammy Award-Winning Artist: A Q&A With Rachel Wenrick

February 04, 2014
Rachel Wenrick

For most writers, publishing with one of the largest publishing houses in the world is the ultimate dream. For Rachel Wenrick, associate teaching professor of English at Drexel, that's just the tip of the iceberg....

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Students Spend Winter Break in Ghana, Giving Medical Care, Learning a Language and Dancing

February 04, 2014
Jenn Everett was among the Drexel students to make a Global Medical Brigades trip to Ghana over winter break.

The 15 Drexel students who volunteered at a public health clinic in Ghana over winter break were put to work almost as soon as they arrived in the village of Adansemaim—but not in any way they had anticipated....

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New Courses for Spring

February 03, 2014
New Courses

It may not feel like spring out there—far from it, actually—but it’s time to start thinking about your spring schedule! Explore the concept of home, take a class in prison (!), or learn about feminist philosophy in these new courses....

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Students Spend Their Co-op Collecting Memories From Strangers

January 28, 2014
Space Between Your Fingers Postcard

Three Drexel students on co-op at the Spaces Between Your Fingers (SBYF) nonprofit have gained more than something to put on their resumes. Kat Kapetenakis, Michelle Johnson and Victoria Durand are getting the experience of a lifetime - and the experience of someone else's lifetime too - by talking ...

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Drexel Professor Co-Writes Memoir of Grammy Award-Winning World Music Artist Angélique Kidjo

January 28, 2014
Angelique Kidjo - Spirit Rising

Hailed as “the undisputed queen of African music” (Daily Telegraph) and “Africa’s premier diva” (TIME), Angélique Kidjo is a Grammy Award-winning artist with a mission to unite different cultures through music, while raising global respect for her native continen...

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How Two Drexel Professors Will Help Philadelphia Move Forward After Last Summer's Building Collapse

January 23, 2014
Bob Brehm and Scott G. Knowles

Bob Brehm along with Scott Gabriel Knowles are among 12 people appointed in November by Mayor Michael Nutter to a commission to investigate the city's Department of Licenses & Inspections in the wake of the deadly June collapse that destroyed an adjacent Salvation Army building at 2138 Market St...

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