For International Students

Below are some tips and resources to make the most of your first year at Drexel:

Meet your academic advisor

Your academic advisor can help you plan your course of study, register for classes, transfer credits to Drexel, offer personal support and explain University policies and procedures.

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To schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, call 215-895-1805 or e-mail Florette at Please tell Florette if you want a Near Peer to be present at your meeting. Near peers are international students who have been at Drexel for more than a year. Near Peers help new students create relationships and understand Drexel and their majors.

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Academic Calendar Information

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Drexel’s academic year is four quarters; each quarter is 10 weeks. Here are some recurring dates to remember:

  • Week 1: Friday is the last day to add/drop a course
  • Week 5: Check midterm grades & meet with advisor
  • Week 7: Friday is the last day to withdraw from a course
  • Week 9: Registration opens for next term
  • Week 10: Last week of classes

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To be a responsible and successful student

  • Reach out to your academic advisor and professors when you need help
  • Check your Drexel e-mail every day
  • Know the academic calendar and important dates
  • Create friendships with other students
  • Use the resources around campus
  • A group of students
  • Attend every class, participate in class, and complete your assignments on time