Clinical Compliance Requirements

Getting Started

Welcome to the Clinical Compliance Website. On this site you will find a variety of immunizations, background checks, certifications, forms, and trainings that you may need to complete for your compliance. For individuals who are attending a clinical rotation, the typical compliance package would include background and urine drug screenings, a physical examination and completion of identified immunizations, completion of training modules and required documentation. Some of these steps may take time to complete, such as the Hepatitis B vaccine series, which can take up to seven months if the individual has not started this series. Please plan accordingly.

In the left-hand menu, you will find the navigation links for this website. Each of these seven links have been broken down to specifically address the steps of the process and allow for accessibility of information for the students. If you are not sure about anything listed on the site, please reach out to and request additional information. Please be sure to specify the program of which you are requesting additional information.

Program Specific Requirements

The Program Specific Requirements link includes documentation of each program’s specific compliance requirements as well as due dates. This information is subject to change depending on demands of our clinical sites. If you do not see your program listed, please email and include the program you need information about.

Certified Background

The Certified Background link is for individuals who are expected to complete a Certified Background profile, complete appropriate screenings and upload completed documentation to the individual’s Certified Background Profile. Please use your Drexel email address when developing a profile. Click on the on the left for specific submission instructions.

Please Note:

Students are required to have current comprehensive medical insurance coverage while in clinical coursework.

Individuals are responsible for keeping track of their compliance records and ensuring all information is up to date and correct. Updated documents must be submitted in a timely manner before they expire. If any item is expired, it may impact the individual’s ability to continue on with the clinical component of their program.

The Compliance Form link contains the documents that may be necessary for completion of the compliance process. The health information forms can be downloaded and completed by the individual’s healthcare provider. Follow the instructions in the Program Specific Requirements on how to upload and submit the completed documentation.

The Certification link shows the various requirements such as CPR that are program specific. Please follow the directions on the Program Specific Requirements to complete the appropriate certifications.

The Training Module link presents information regarding HIPAA, Lab Safety Training and Research (CITI) training.

The FAQ link lists the answers to frequently asked questions and will offer you common links.

The Contact Us link the compliance email address an Certified phone number.

Guidelines for Success:

Download and jot down the due dates for the compliance requirements. If requested, initiate the Certified Background profile and begin to upload your completed documentations and training completion certificates. If there is a rejection on the Certified site, please go in and view the specific instructions to assist you with how to correct the rejection. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to Certified first. Ask questions early and often if you find you are having a problem. Your questions will be answered in a timely manner within 24 business hours during the week and 48 hours over the weekend.

Important tip: Check your Drexel email daily, and do not let it get 'over limit'. This may cause you to miss important emails.